So i finished the Masters of the Castle boxed set, When the Gavel Falls, and enjoyed it way too much.  i think it’s like eating candy, i probably overindulged – and isn’t that a theme for me anyhow?  Yeah.

Since i learned so much from that experience, i decided i should buy more of the series, so now i’m going back and starting with the first one.  Hey, history is important, right?

In other news, i thought my Dom friend was through talking to me, and i had been mildly sad about that.  Just feeling like some zest was gone from my life again.  But i heard from him yesterday, so that was nice.  And probably better that we don’t chat too much anyhow, just a little bit needs to be good enough.

It’s cold here – not as cold as in some places, but still cold.  And gray.  And dreary.  Yep, like my mood.  Sigh.  Ok.  i need to get to work, see if i can shake these blues…

And i’ll leave you with this tribute to Merle Haggard, who died this week.  Not Silver Wings, although that might be more appropriate.  Nope, let’s go with Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down.  RIP Merle.


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