“No.”  His voice is mild, but the word is clear.

“No?  But Sir – ”

He moves quickly, two steps forward, a hand in my hair right at the nape of my neck.  He tilts my head back firmly, but still gentle, “No.  You may not.  Now, go stand in the corner.  Pull your panties down and wait.  Clear?”

i can barely move my head to nod, so i say, “Yes, Sir,” the words a bit shaky.

He releases me.  “Then go.”

My heart is racing and my breath is ragged.  This isn’t the way i planned to start the morning, but i know better than to disobey.  He isn’t angry, i can tell he isn’t, but he is firm, and he expects swift obedience.

Positioned in the corner, i pull my panties down to my knees, keeping my legs far enough apart that they won’t fall all the way down.  i know this is time to be still and centered, i just wish i didn’t feel so foolish standing here like this.

And then i remember, i don’t have to feel foolish – i don’t have to even think about it – all i need to do is obey.  My breathing slows, my heart beat settles down.  i can hear him saying it,

“You don’t need to be tormented with all these self doubts. As a slave, you just respond as requested without worrying about it any more.  Evaluation is left up to the person making the request, not you.”

i breathe deeply and settle into the corner.  Yes, Sir.


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