Fifth day of spring

Good  morning!  It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day… sorry.  But it is.  i’m not in my neighborhood, i’m Somewhere-far-away, but i’m headed home and that’s always nice.

Here are some fun things for today.


i like blueberries a lot, but i had no idea there were orgasmic ones!  And for only $2.98.  🙂

And this.  You’ve probably heard it before, but if you’re 40 or over, i bet you can’t listen to it without smiling.  Maybe even if you’re younger, who knows?

Are youall on FB?  Do you spend too much time there?  i know i do.  Sigh…  Sometimes, i actually have a good reason to be there, but often i stay long beyond when i should be done.  How do youall manage that?

And here’s one more, which i’m sure you’ve heard, but that’s ok.  Play it again.  (Not Sam.)  i love this version.

If this post seems a bit spacey, it’s only because i was up way too late last night, and back up earlier than i would have liked this morning.  However, i am kind of pleased with myself – for dinner last night, i had a side of grilled vegetables and a side of fruit.  i was chatting with ‘nilla and she wanted to know where the middle was – funny girl that she is.  But i woke up feeling good again – tired as hell, but good.

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