The Pleasures, 1

I know, that sounds like the title for a fantasy. Actually, it’s not. I was just thinking about how I come over here and talk about the woes of my life on a regular basis when I have so many positive things that I seldom mention. So I thought I might start a series where I share some of those.

Yesterday, I went to a new nail salon. It was a fancy salon, organic and by appointment only. I decided to treat myself, even though it was more expensive than my usual. (Although I don’t go as regularly as I once did, so “my usual” is also a bit unusual.)


The salon was in a converted warehouse space, so we’re talking high ceilings and some kind of air ducts exposed, but everything was white. White tile walls, white ceramic floor, white ceiling. Pristine. Minimal decorations in tans and beige – glass jars and reeds kind of thing. Lots of space, airy and spacious.

And quiet. Yes, there was music. Not real quiet, but not loud, a variety of songs like Sitting on the Dock of the Bay and the “I’m a joker, I’m a smoker, I’m a midnight toker…” or something like that. You know the one I mean. But playing unobtrusively.

The typical massage chair was just a large upholstered chair with arms. No massage. The whirlpool foot tub was an elegantly designed tub, no jets. Okaaaay. No wonder it was so quiet. I felt like I should tiptoe. And whisper.

Instead of 400 nail colors, all crammed into a few shelves, to choose from, they had maybe 50 very tasteful colors, tastefully arranged on the wide-spaced shelves.

It was a very relaxing experience. Mostly relaxing. The nail person was super gentle and very mindful. She did each nail deliberately and carefully. She didn’t do any thing that felt uncomfortable or unpleasant. Seriously. Not one thing.

My nails turned our well. Beautifully, really. They are absolutely perfect. And yet. I missed the throbbing vibration of the massage chair. The laughter of the Vietnamese and other Asian women and the accents. The water swirling around my feet. This new place was elegant and – refined, I guess? And it was really nice.

But it wasn’t MY place. Ya know?

9 thoughts on “The Pleasures, 1

  1. Yes, very nice feet (assuming you have a right foot to match the left one. I’m a big man (read: fat). At some point, I’m sorry to report, I stopped caring for my feet. (Yoga has helped remedy that.) The wife told me to get a pedicure. Now the ladies at Royal Nails know me and my Fred Flintstones well. I wish my salon played my kind of music. Instead, it is a sports bar-size TV playing soaps way too loud. Nice post.

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    • HI! And thanks for commenting! (Full disclosure, I do have a bunion on the other foot.) I love knowing that you get pedicures too – and not in a sterile white setting! I hear you about the TV – the salon I used to go to a few years ago was about the only place I watched TV and I’d end up watch some Judge Judy or Price is Right nonsense. I didn’t like that part of it. My real salon now doesn’t have a TV. They play kind of meditation music, which is at least not unpleasant, although not as much fun as music I like. 💜

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