The Power of Fantasy

So, I left that group – the Caregivers Who Want to Have Sex group. Funniest thing, I tried to write some more of the fantasy, but it just didn’t go anywhere good. I tried several approaches, but no matter what I did, it ended with an “ew,” not an “ahhhhhh.” I thought that was a pretty good indication it was time to go.

In other news, I’m working crazy hours again, trying to get some stuff done, and mostly enjoying it. That’s all.

9 thoughts on “The Power of Fantasy

    • Lol, yes, that does sound bad. And of course that’s not what the group calls itself, just my own nickname for it. I started writing you a big ole explanation and then decided it was actually a short, explanatory blog post in itself. Thanks for the nudge! 💜

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  1. Sorry the story went no where ,If you couldn’t find any where to go with it no one could. The group may be good people with some scammers mixed in which makes it harder for the honest ones. Glad you are working hard and getting stuff done, mostly enjoying is better than hating it. Stay well.

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    • Thanks, M, I appreciate that vote of confidence in my fantasy-making skills! Yeah, the group was really new and small to start but who knows who will end up joining. Thanks for the support!! 💜


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