More Fun in 2021

Ok, maybe not a lot of fun. A little fun. Here are some questions I’m contemplating in 2021.

  • What is my theme song?
  • What is my word of the year?
  • What is my motto?
  • What about my personal mission statement?

I did a dance class today, and did much better than I would have thought possible. (As in I made it through the whole class, didn’t hurt myself, and didn’t look ridiculous.). I’ve signed up for another tomorrow. Ahhh, the magic of zoom.

I did not make my bed today because I still have piles of clean laundry on it that I have to put away as soon as I finish this post. I promise I’m not going to report on this every day.

Also fun is a D/s workbook for setting goals that Missy over at the SafeworD/s Club wrote. I might take a shot at doing it myself, but it looks like it would really be meaningful for people who are actually in a D/s dynamic.

I’m doing some pondering this month about who I am and how I want to show up in the world. (I know, that’s not dreadfully different than other months, is it?) But still. It’s a good way to start the New Year.

Are you doing something special to kick off 2021?

12 thoughts on “More Fun in 2021

  1. I’m doing my shopping and meal prepping. We’re trying to reorganize the house now that there are more of us— you know how that is. And we’re trying to fix the not-level refrigerator so the door to the freezer doesn’t fly open and the food stops falling out.

    We’re supposed to have a snowstorm here tomorrow. But there are a few more groceries I would like and another basket like the one I bought today.

    But I did make homemade orange chicken and stir fry veggies… and have leftovers for tomorrow so i might not have to cook at all

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    • You’re being super productive!! Your leftovers for today sound delicious too. I don’t envy you the snow. Hope you get the refrigerator fixed!

      You are much more productive than i am! Just for the record.



  2. Ooo I like these questions. I did a task once to find a theme song but I found it really hard. I look forward to reading your answers though. Well done on your dance class – I need to get back into my regular exercise but I gave myself until I went back to work which is Tuesday so I can relax and enjoy being on ho,I day for a few more days. Let me know if you decide to do any of the workbook tasks as I am interested to make any changes based on how people find them. Thanks for the shout out about it. Missy xx

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    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked the questions. I’ve never done the theme song thing before, I’m curious to see what I come up with. I will have to try your workbook tasks and see how it goes. 💜

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  3. You know if you’re thinking about the same things as you do the rest of the year, and reporting on laundry and bed-making (it’s in the air, I just did that on my post too) then you KNOW things are alright. It’s when there are HUGE changes that I start to worry. Here’s hoping there aren’t too many super big changes – except for GOOD ones. Dance classes – that’s a good thing to keep at. I shall maybe put on a dance video and get moving too! Thanks for the inspiration.

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