Advent Calendar- Day 1

Get the Tinsel Out– Find a creative way to show your Dominant or your submissive side by celebrating with tinsel.

“Tinsel?’ She giggled. “I don’t know what we could do with tinsel. If I were a pony-girl, we could tie it to my tail. But I’m not.”

He laughed. “True. But I didn’t get this box of tinsel out for nothing. Keep thinking.” He put his hand to his chin, posing as if he were deep in thought.”

She watched him, thought, “Oh, fuck, he’s already got something in mind. What’s he going to do.”

Sure enough, he stood, quite suddenly. “I know,” he said. “Quick, take your shirt off. ” She hesitated, just for a moment, but he raised his eyebrows, gestured for her to stand, giving her what they called “the stern look.” She quickly lifted her shirt and wriggled her way out of it.

“Good girl,” he said. “I want your nipples. Show me.”

She responded quickly, pulling her lacy bra cups down so the breasts were exposed. He opened the box of tinsel – old school tinsel, long strands that would look lovely on the tree, but what was he going to do? He pulled out a couple of strands, letting them dangle from his hands, eyeing her exposed breasts.

Her nipples responded to the cooler air by puckering, beginning to harden. He said, “Look,” and flicked one, “They’re volunteering!”

“Volun – what?’ She stammered, “What are you going to do?”

“Let’s tie the tinsel around your nipples!” He was all enthusiasm and she shivered. “It will be a special kind of nipple clamp. Don’t you think?” He wiggled his eyebrows, like Groucho Marx, she thought.

She imagined the tinsel tied around her nipple and started to protest but he stopped her, saying, “Wait, no, if I tie this on to your nipple, and your nipple swells up, we’ll never get it off again. We’d have to cut your nipples off. And I would miss them.”

“Yes, Sir, I would too.” She laughed, relieved and grateful that he was thinking about this before he did anything foolish. Of course she knew he would, but she was often a little bit afraid that one day he wouldn’t.

“Hmmmmm, if not nipple clamps, what else could we do with the tinsel?“. He reached out and began toying with her right nipple, a bit absentmindedly, but the feeling raced from the nipple to her core, heating her pussy, as it always did. He pinched a bit harder and she whimpered, just a bit.

“OH! I know what we can do!” He said it so dramatically that she knew he had already planned this. “We can just use the tinsel to decorate some nipple clamps! Get the clover clamps. We’ll tie the tinsel around them so they look pretty, attach them to the nipples, and then we can hang some ornaments on the chain between them!”

She started laughing, it sounded a bit ridiculous, but she knew he was serious. She opened the drawer and then the box with some of their toys tucked away, and pulled out the clamps.

When she looked up at him, his face was quite serious. He had the tinsel draped across his palm, and was holding it out for her.

Falling silent, and beginning to feel herself slipping into submission, she took one strand of tinsel. He watched her carefully as she attached it to one clamp, then added the other strand so the clamps matched.

She handed the clamps back to him, bowing her head as she placed them in his hand. “Sir,” she said.

“Good girl. I’m going to make them quite tight, are you willing to accept that pain?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, a shiver ran through her and she felt more heat between her legs. “Yes, please, Sir,” she added, because she knew he liked it when she asked.

“Good girl,” he said, pinching the first nipple.

12 thoughts on “Advent Calendar- Day 1

    • Thank you, Posy, for reading and for commenting! I have been in nipple clamps before, so thanks for the kudos! (They’re not that bad – or they don’t have to be!) I’m so glad you liked my story. 💜


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