Too Busy for a Title

I have not been this busy since I was in graduate school and working and raising kids. It’s not bad. It’s just a lot.

Yes I’m a warrior woman…

I’m doing my click list for the grocery right now. With my daughter, who’s taking her turn on the computer and talking – on speakerphone – to some guy she recently met. We are exchanging looks and giggling soundlessly way too much. {Edited to add: But it was affectionate giggling – we weren’t being mean.}

I hope your nights are going well, and your days too for that matter. I’m good actually. So I will leave you with this.

4 thoughts on “Too Busy for a Title

  1. It’s actually been a great opportunity for me and mum to hang out together more too.

    Perhaps it’s just the universe giving us all “corner” time so that we can do the things that are REALLY important.

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    • Yeah, I think it is definitely an opportunity for those kinds of connections and time for us all to ponder what’s really important. That’s really powerful. 💐


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