In These Times

So you probably know that I live with my significant other, MP, my adult daughter, and two grands, an almost 8 year old and a just-turned 5 year old. Where-We-Live has not closed schools (yet) but spring break has just started and they’re talking about staying closed for a least a couple of weeks longer.

We had scheduled the kids for the neighborhood YMCA program over spring break.

M.P. and I are both over 60 and have minor health issues.

My daughter recently started a new job and has very little leave accrued. But it looks like she will be able to continue working at the office for the foreseeable future. Which is really good news.

Do you see where I’m headed? No?

If schools are closed all over the country to reduce exposure to Covid19, how is the YMCA program any safer? And if MP and I are in a higher risk category, what happens if the kids bring home the virus? If one of them gets sick, when we still won’t know if it’s the regular flu or what, who’s going to watch them?

Um, not me. Right? Yeah. So –

we need to be safer.

So the kids are not going to the Y. They’re going to stay home with me. No kidding. Me and M.P. While I continue working from home. Trying to work from home. Should be interesting, right?

Bleue, what words of wisdom do you have for me???

14 thoughts on “In These Times

  1. Interesting times indeed on the horizon……..Work is still somewhat normal for the OH and I, however Management and Corporate are considering various options. Spring breaks are being extended at all levels of the education ladder within the city and the state. While confirmed cases within the area have been at minimum, it is amazing to see the frenzied masses scooping up TP and H2O. After much discussion, we did reschedule a trip to the South Eastern Caribbean. We’ll still take the time off do a project or two around the house, maybe get away for a couple day bike ride, and spend a little extra time with the grandbaby. Enjoy the time with the kiddo’s. Time with the family passes by far too quickly, and once it’s slips away…….you’ll never get it back. Work time can always be made up Y’all stay healthy!

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    • Sounds like things are fairly smooth where you are and you have some pleasant times to look forward to. I’m so glad! You’re right, of course, work time can always be made up, and time with the grands is precious. You take care and stay healthy too!


  2. Hi Olivia,

    Thankfully we haven’t got to the point of closing schools yet here, but the Government is upping the ante with precautionary measures so It may just be a matter of time.

    Wishing you the best with the grands. Stay safe!


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  3. Well, my first thought was good luck, but only beecause, I am knew to commenting to you. However, all the comments above sounded good, my only other advice would be to look online for educational games from them to play. Here we have things like math prodigy and some of the publically funded tv stations have games as well. I would check Sesame Street too.

    Glad you were thinking ahead and keeping safe.



    • Well, I certainly appreciate the wishes for good luck – I know I can use them! And you make a good point, online educational games sound like a brilliant idea. I’ll have to check out math prodigy for sure. Thanks so much!! You stay safe too!


  4. I know it feels sucky, but better safe than sorry. I’m also living in a small state of constant panic cos yours truly works in a clinic, where the sick patients come. And mum lives with me. so.

    For now I’m just disinfecting constantly, and I step straight into the shower when i get home and everything I’m wearing goes into the wash.

    So far there have been NO cases at my clinic so that’s good.

    But still. The fear is there.

    May be a good time to teach them how to play scrabble. Or monopoly. Or get a skipping rope for jumping around in the garden?

    Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

    And stay safe. My thoughts are with you.


    • Oh, definitely agree about “better safe than sorry,” obviously!! That has got to be difficult, working at the clinic with the risk that entails and then coming home to your mum. Glad to hear there haven’t been any cases so far. Fingers crossed…

      I think the kids and I are going to be finding all kinds of new ways to stay entertained! It will probably be wonderful, at least some of the time. Definitely yes to fresh air and sunshine.

      You stay safe too! Thanks for for the good wishes… thinking of you and BIKSS and your mum too… 💜


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