The Best of Doms

A Dom I know in real life posted this today on FaceBook:

A TRUE DOM doesn’t just take control of you or try to order you around. That’s not dominance, that’s bullying.

A true Dom is ALWAYS respectful, will guide you, instruct you, encourage you, help you, and drive you to reach your true potential.

Not in the bedroom, in LIFE.

A true Dom will be the most supportive person you’ve ever met. They’ll challenge you and teach you things about yourself you never knew.

They’ll bring out the very best in you.”

Because I know this person in real life, mostly in his vanilla persona, but in his kinky-ness too, I know that this is true for him. I’m sure it’s not true all the time, because he’s human, but I totally believe that this is who he strives to be, all the time.

That’s who I wanted, for so long. That Dom. I don’t know anymore, I think I’m more “just in the bedroom,” but you know, since I don’t have that either, and don’t think I will, it’s ok. I’ll just admire people living the lifestyle from over here in My World.

It’s funny, I was thinking about David’s post about his wife, who isn’t interested in looking sexy anymore. In that same way, today I feel like my submissive self is just gone. I don’t know what it would take to bring her back, or if anything would. The most I have today is a deep sense of nostalgia.

But I’m not unhappy, not today, and there are more important things to think about. Like going to the beach…

10 thoughts on “The Best of Doms

  1. Lots of thoughts whirling in my head over this but I’m too dingin’ busy to sit down and frame them correctly. Still thinking, tho’!
    Which makes for a fairly pointless comment, but I wanted you to at least know the post rang a bell.

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