FFF 2.0 – 5-17 & Bonding

This week, I’m still recovering from my ankle injury, so my step count is still low, but better. 4,400 average, high of 6,000, low of 2,100. I’m still hovering around 170, which is way too much and that makes me sad, but apparently not sad enough to quit eating all the food.

I’m right back in the pattern of over-eating at night while I assure myself I’ll do better tomorrow. Not helpful. I’ve been thinking about new goals, or intentions, for FFF 2.0. I definitely need some.

So I wanted to jump right into setting goals – make some shit stuff up and commit to it. But I don’t think that’s actually going to work. So I think I’ll spend some time thinking about it this weekend and try to figure out how I want to tackle it this time. (What? Finger tapping? Yeah, um, the problem is you have to actually do it. Consistently. Sigh…)

Anyhow. In more interesting news – have youall heard about the Netflix series Bonding? It’s about a Domme, supposedly. The BDSM community is fairly outraged about it. You can read some of the reactions here. (The link is also at the bottom of the article.)

My favorite complaint about it is that they have the Domme wearing a collar and a corset that doesn’t fit. That’s funny.

Not so funny is the lack of understanding about consent and the way the history of sexual assault was treated. Sigh… As one twitter commenter noted:

NicoleMoonONeal @NicoleMoonONeal

Hey @NetflixLifee @netflix how about you get actual BDSMrs to write and consult on a show about our community instead of whatever #BondingNetflix is. As a lifestyler and sex worker I’m not impressed with how badly you are portraying us. Do better #BondingNetflixisnotkink 64 21:03 – 24 Apr 2019Twitter Ads information and privacy

If you’re curious about just how bad it is, here’s the trailer for it. If you can’t see the video now, you can find it on YouTube by searching Bonding trailer (obviously…)

I am curious about whether other people have already watched the actual series and what you thought about it…

18 thoughts on “FFF 2.0 – 5-17 & Bonding

  1. “Kink” to day too many people is simply a vicarious thrill. They cannot or will not look deeper into it. I suspect why is that the themes of domination and submission ring too true for them. It’s best therefore to skim across the surface.

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  2. I thought it was pretty fun. I’m certainly not outraged about anything in that show, however I am disappointed in their treatment of consent. It’s not so different from nearly everything else on tv or movies that way, though. I just found out about an episode of the series Easy on Netflix that features BDSM (episode “Private Eyes”). Someone I know from the scene is featured (in the background at a party, no face shot) in it!

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    • I imagine it was funny – I wasn’t outraged about anything in 50 Shades of Grey, but I know lots of people were, so that makes sense. And yeah, none of them do well with consent. That’s pretty wild about your friend being on Easy! Thanks for weighing in!


  3. Hi Olivia,

    I’m sorry your ankle is still bothering you and hope it fully heals soon. I too am going to have to re-think my exercises and find alternative ones that won’t damage my back. Between having to stop to let the back heal and a cold which has now gone to the chest this last week has been a bust.

    I hadn’t heard of Bonding. Interesting, I will have to check out the trailer and comments.


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    • Oh, Roz – I hate that you’re still having a hard time too! Hoping you find some exercises that will help you AND your back! It makes me want to start googling stuff (which is silly.)
      Come back and tell me what you think of the Bonding thing too, ok? Hugs…


  4. Let me echo Roz’s comment. Sorry your laid up for a non-pleasurable reason. Not sure about exercising, not a fan lol. Have you thought about intermittent fasting? My sister has had great success and she even takes weekends off of it.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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  5. I ‘fast’ on keto. I know they say you can have under a 100 calories without breaking your fast. I have switched to unsweetened almond milk in my coffee. Only 35 cals per cup. Maybe start there?

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  6. Hi Olivia … sorry to hear you’re still on the mend. We’ve watched a couple of episodes of Bonding … laughed and took it as the farce that it is … didn’t expect it to reflect reality as what tv comedy ever does … get better soon! … nj … xx

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    • Hey- thanks! And ok, so Bonding is tv, I guess and we should expect much. Still…. I don’t like it when programs that have a therapist show them doing a bunch of outrageously unrealistic and unethical things, but yeah, that’s just how it goes…


  7. Sir and I watched Bonding. I thought it was very entertaining, and thought provoking in how flawed the characters were as people. It made for interesting TV. But to relate it to actual BDSM, it’s problematic.

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