FFF 2.0 5-10

My ankle is still bothering me, so I’m taking it slow – getting 2 or 3 thousand steps a day is about as good as it gets, and I’m pretty ok with that. Not great, but ok.

This whole thing will be quick and to the point. I need to re-do my goals or intentions. I really do just frigging need to start over. Sigh. Yes, it’s exhausting. This is why people don’t want to live forever. There. That’s my FFF check-in.

I had some weird dreams last night and at one point this young man, who I didn’t know, but he was supposedly a doctor, asked me if I was about 28 weeks pregnant. In the dream, I was righteously indignant for a second, and then I started laughing at the idea that a doctor would think that a woman in her sixties was pregnant, and then I thought, “Oh wait a minute, maybe that means I look young enough that I could be pregnant!”

Obviously, it was one of those long dreams with lots of nuance that switches from one thing to another. At one point, I was about to find out how much money someone had sent me or given me. There was a check for forty dollars, and then there was a drawing I’d done as a child and then there was certificate for stocks, but I never got to see how much it was, the scene shifted and that story fell away to be replaced by something about meetings in hotels – conferences, not romantic trysts. Lots of wandering the halls and going into the wrong meeting room.

Anyhow, I’m awake now, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, I’m taking the grands out adventuring today and that will be fun. It’s Mother’s Day here in the U.S. on Sunday, and for the first time in years, my daughter is in the same country – same city – um, same house. How cool is that? She’s really thriving here, and that’s such a gift.

2 thoughts on “FFF 2.0 5-10

  1. Hi Olivia,

    I’m sorry the ankle is still bothering you and hope it heals soon. I too have to re-think FFF. I need to find alternative exercises as I keep damaging my back. I have had to stop again for now.

    Dreams are weird and it doesn’t always pay to analyze them lol. Have fun with the grands today. Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s day.


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    • Thanks, Roz. Im so sorry that you’re having so much trouble with your back – that’s so hard and it makes exercise so difficult!!

      Ha, you’re probably right about the dreams -although my old therapist would disagree with you! Hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day too! Hugs…


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