FFF 2.0 – 2-8 AND The House with the Sex Room!

Ok, let’s get the check-in out of the way. I’m doing better. I have a whole new strategy. Instead of making a list of the things I’m supposed to do and failing to do most of them, I just write down the things I do every day. It’s kind of fun, and I think it’s helping.

So – steps average is 5,690 which is pretty good. I’ve been doing exercise throughout the day – or like on Wednesday, I went to the beach and walked a lot. It was sunny and 65 or 70 degrees.

But my news of the day is the house that they’re calling 50 Shades of Maple Glenn. It’s on the market right now. A gorgeous house – with a lovely, well-equiped dungeon in the basement. Nope, not kidding.

Check it out.

And look at that gorgeous bathroom! Anyhow, you can read all about it here if you want to. Many thanks to Jade, who posted it on Facebook.

6 thoughts on “FFF 2.0 – 2-8 AND The House with the Sex Room!

  1. Hi Olivia, way to go on the steps and I love your new strategy! How rewarding to look back at the end of the day on what you have achieved 🙂

    Wow, that house is truly amazing! Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)



  2. I like your new approach, Olivia! Frank asks that I write down two things before I go to bed that I am going to get done the next day (spankable offence if I forget to write my note :>)) … I am going to tell him I like your idea much better!! … lol!
    Re the house … oh I wish! … fascinating article with the listing! … sigh! … when did people get so judgemental … us old folks were way more open minded back in our day :>))
    Have a great weekend! … nj … xx

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    • Omg, just now seeing this! Thanks Nora Jean. I might change my strategy for the spankings given an option, but… ok, no, I guess I’m good. 🙂 It was a fascinating story, wasn’t it? These youngsters are kind of uptight,, for sure! ❤ Thank you for commenting!!!


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