FFF 11-16

157 – apparently, my chunky little self has locked into that weight.  I can’t complain because I’m eating anything I want and not even moving much.  Like I was chained to my desk.

3,392 average steps.  Yep.  That’s my sad little step count.  Not even half of my already low goal.  Sigh.

Don’t you love how I make it sound like that’s something that just happened?  Not something I did through my own choices, but like it’s not even in my control.  Sheesh.  Of course it is in my control.  I’ve totally chosen to sit at my desk all the time and chosen to eat pasta and ice cream.  I’m lucky that I’m hovering around 157 and not back in the 160s again.

In good news, I got my new professional website to a point that I could share it, so that’s pretty frigging amazing. Now all I need is clients.  And i’ve been working hard on another thing I do that does make money, so we’re not going to starve.  Probably not.  So that’s super good.  And that really is why I’ve kind of felt like I couldn’t leave my desk.

I still have lots I want to do on my website, of course, but I feel like I can breathe a little bit too.   So that’s way cool.  It’s been a week of pushing thoruhg – and I haven’t been feeling well either, so that’s been a thing, but now I feel like I’m standing on the threshold of new life.  So that’s all good

Now to get back in the groove of exercising.


11 thoughts on “FFF 11-16

  1. Progress, not perfection. Speaking of which, I lost 8.8 lbs since learning of my diagnosis and going back to Weight Watchers. Big differences are eliminating starches and sugars, exercising regularly.
    I see forward movement in your life. This is good.

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  2. Good that you’ve got your website all done, Olivia! … it’s hard to focus on exercise, healthy eating and such, when you have a deadline looming … even if it’s self imposed. Now that your’re there, you can get back to taking care of you … nj … xx

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    • Thanks, NJ, it really is a great relief to have it in shape enough that I can share it. You’re right, I really did get off track so I could make that happen, and now I can re-focus. That’s pretty much a life theme, isn’t it? For me anyhow. Focus and refocus and refocus again. Hugs…


    • Hi, Roz,

      And thank you! It really was a productive week, work-wise. So that’s something. Excited about continuing to move forward with the business – and self care!! ❤


  3. oops. i could have sworn i left my comment… maybe i didn’t hit “post”. argh.

    as i said on my blog- the great thing is that there’s always another week. and another. it’s a journey, and a lifestyle, and that’s really why we do it. for long term change. intermittent goals are great, but they’re not the entire point.

    i’m glad your website is ready to come out and meet the world. i’m sure you’ll find that you’re always going to be tweaking and adjusting, and really, isn’t that what life is all about? constant changing and bettering…

    it’s all good. we now know that your body has gotten used to being around the 157 mark so It’s going to want to stay there. While this is good – stabilising at a certain weight helps the body automatically keep itself there (weight memory) it also does mean that bringing that number down will require some doing!

    But hey, you’ve lost some pounds before, you can do it again!

    (sorry about the long comment… )

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    • Thanks, Fondles, you make a great point about my body wanting to stay at 157 – that’s still an improvement! And yeah, I’ll keep working on it – just like I’ll keep working on my website!

      Don’t be sorry about the long comment1 I LOVE comments and long ones are often the most interesting!


  4. If I may be so bold to suggest this? That your step average might just be your launching off point? And then, making it your goal to “plus five”. After all, that might be afew extra few steps to the kitchen for water…or to the bathroom later when you’ve drunk the water? (grins)…but if you make it a goal to make your weekly average “plus 5”, you’ll find short simple ways to increase your steps without feeling bad about yourself. Because you’ve done a wonderful job, you know. 😀



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    • Thanks, ‘nilla, that sounds like a great approach. Small steps and all that. I mean, it would take a really long to make real progress… but the real problem is that some weeks I do really well, like twice as well as I did this week. I just have to put the focus on doing it, with some energy behind it. Thanks for commenting – it’s so nice to see you here!! ❤


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