Energy Clearing

I watched a really fun – webinar, I guess it was.  Or meeting.  Or something.  Whatever you call it, it was an on-line event, and lots of fun.  All about claiming your magic, or getting your magic back, or some such.

I am all about getting my magic back now, and feeling really hopeful about it.  Not just because of the webinar – in fact, I probably watched it because I was feeling some hope.  So there’s that.

(Have you noticed, i’m always on the verge of doing something better than i have been?  i suppose sometimes i make actual progress.  Maybe.  But at least I keep going.)

Anyhow, Briana Borten, who did the webinar or whatever, ended up with the idea that we need to clear our energy.  And i was enthused about that.  She’s offering a group thing called Love Rising that meets four times a month – and is really reasonably priced.  I’m not going to do her thing though, so I turned to my dear friend google.

In the instant magic of the interwebs, I immediately found this article:  Getting Rid of Negative Energy: 20 Powerful Practices for Cleansing and Clearing Your Energy Field.    And, much to my delight, I already do a bunch of the things on the list.

I don’t do them all the time, consistently, but I don’t think I do anything very consistently, you know?   But from smudging with sage to napping, from walking with intention to breath work, there are lots of techniques I already know.

And there are some new ones, or ones I haven’t tried.  Using crystals more intentionally.  Essential oils.   And here’s a fancy one involving the chakras:

One of my favorite general self-clearing meditations that involves water is to lie down, close my eyes, and visualize my energy body and my chakras. I begin at the bottom, with the red root chakra. I see it clearly in my mind and then set it spinning. I move up the chakras, moving from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to indigo to violet, keeping them all spinning at the same time. Then I imagine a swoosh of water coming through the top of my head (through my crown chakra) and moving through each chakra in turn, cleansing them as it goes. The water flows back to the earth to be redistributed as needed. I admire my shining, sparkly clean spinning chakras for a moment and then settle them back down. That’s it. Easy as can be and so incredibly refreshing. 

And, although that article didn’t mention it, there’s Qi Gong.  Which I’ve learned more about but haven’t started doing every day like I planned.  Um, because I don’t do anything every day or like I planned.   But I think I’m ok with that today.  That is really just the way I’ve always been.  100 ideas, and a few that actually get carried out.

It’s ok.  I can sit with who I am… with love and compassion.

17 thoughts on “Energy Clearing

  1. Interesting. My now deceased ex-wife was a Healing Touch Practitioner. So she “checked out” my Chakras a couple of times before she stopped speaking to me. I can relate to this around my eating issues. I revert to self-destructive eating and lifestyle habits when the freedom of healthy living becomes too daunting, if that makes sense. I think I’ve stayed sober because I don’t revert to the old drinking habits, out of fear of the consequences, the 12 Step principles and the Grace of God.

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    • Oh, that’s an interesting way to look at your eating and lifestyle habits! I have not thought about it that way. I’ll have to ponder that. Because, after all, eating something bad for me relieves the tension of wanting to eat it, right? Or maybe that’s not connected at all, but it seems like it would be connected to the overwhelming range of choices available. You’ve got some powerful tools for staying sober though, don’t you? And I would ask you what your ex-wife said about your Chakras, but I figure that’s pretty personal. Could she see other people’s chakras?

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      • My chakras were messed up when she did the readings years ago. I was, as I remember me, a horny mess. She was just learning the skill too when she did them. I would like to find another person versed in this to do some work with me. It was a painful time for me. Lots of me fighting who I was.

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      • This whole time is hard for me because she died three years ago yesterday, Nov 3, 2015. I came to the realization about two years before she died of just how sick I was in the relationship, I was sexually exploitative of her, even within the context of a monogamous marriage, maybe especially because of a monogamous marriage. That was fine as long as she wanted sex with me as much I did with her. So I desperately loved her and my means of expressing love were constrained by my selfishness. I wanted something out of her, i.e. sex, and she couldn’t see beyond that., Not that there was anything to see. So I made an amends, but I was too toxic for her even after the amends were made. She wanted me out of her life. We only communicated when I told her my brother died. Sorry to hijack your post, but I guess some back story is needed.

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      • No, you didn’t hijack my post, I always appreciate you sharing your experience. It sounds like you’ve done some deep work on recognizing what was wrong on your part of the relationship, and I know how hard that can be. Those anniversaries are hard also. Thank you for sharing this here.

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  2. I found this tres interesting. I’m gonna have a look at that cleansing link now. One could always do with a bit more positivity in their lives. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring post (as always).


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