Autumn Equinox & Letting Go

I’m not sure what meaning to find in the beginning of fall here in the south.  Ok, not the deepest south, but still.  Pretty far south in the US.

It’s not getting cold.  A bit cooler, i suppose, but not cold, and unlike ‘nilla from Vanillamom, i would not be thrilled to feel a chill in the air.  This will be my second fall without freeze and i’m excited about it.

Pumpkin lattes, turkey dinner, marshmallows and hot chocolate – meh.  No, thanks.

But then what meaning does the change of seasons bring?  I was googling images and ran across this one, with the heading…

Letting go of what no longer serves


And that resonated with me.  Letting go of what no longer serves.  What does that look for me now, in this season of my life?

The quick and easy answer is getting rid of stuff in my house – i’m still – almost 5 months post-move – not organized the way I had planned to be.  And some of that is needing to get rid of things.  So, hmmmm, I could put that back on the FFF agenda.

Another thing that goes through my mind – i had a meeting last week with a couple of people i work with who are on a different team.  They have an external facing role, and we do things that support them being able to do that job.  Neither team could do their job without the other.   So I always feel like we share goals and should be working collaboratively.

I’m pretty sure that the people i meet with from the other team feel very differently about our roles.  I’m pretty sure that they feel like they need to protect their team from my team.   Which doesn’t make for a warm and fuzzy collaboration.  So they tend to be stiff and smile through tight lips while their eyes stay cool and distant.

i noticed in this last meeting, that i smile too much and talk too much with them.  I realize that I’m trying way too hard to connect with them on some kind of personal level when really, that connection is NOT going to happen.  And i’m pretty sure that i just look weak to them when i try too hard.  It doesn’t make me feel good afterwards.  And it doesn’t accomplish anything.

That’s a practice that no longer serves me.

I need to stop it.

i’m sure it’s not the only thing i do that i could stop, let go of, or release.  But it is so much easier-said-than-done.  (In fact, i think maybe i’ve had this particular realization before.  Sigh.  And still i do some kind of two-step razzle dazzle trying to connect.  Ugh.)

But it’s something to think about.  Letting go of what no longer serves.

What would that mean for you?



4 thoughts on “Autumn Equinox & Letting Go

    • Hey Roz! Clearly, I should live here half the year and they are the other half. That would certainly be interesting, wouldn’t it? I’d love to hear your thoughts about letting go, if you want to share them sometime💜💜


  1. oh i try to let go. i really do. i tell myself to think about ways i could move on. things i could / should do differently. don’t try to change the parents. don’t wait and hope for the siblings to come to their senses. sometimes I remember. but once in a while (thankfully, not very often these days) i go back to my old ways. I wonder if letting go is a process. not something one just switches on and off. but a path to eventually being a different way

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    • Oh that really makes a lot of sense. That it’s a process – of course it is! Thanks for pointing that out. I think it would be really hard to let go of your feelings about relationships with family. That goes so deep. But I know you’ve made a bunch of progress. Let’s hope I can remember to not try to be buddies with my not-my-friends at work, 🙂


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