It’s a Problem

Years ago, when MP was my Sir and I thought I was going to live submissively ever after, he took all my toys and locked them up in his toy bag.  Not that I had a ton of toys, but I had a few.  Vibrating dildos, a rabbit or two.  I don’t even remember what else.

I was fine with it then.  He was, after all, my Sir, so it was reasonable that he would be in charge of sex toys.

But maybe not so fine now.  It’s been years since I’ve seen them.   Years.  I do have the hitachi wand he gave me, which is nice, but it’s a lot to pack for travel. Besides which – they were my toys.  Mine.  One was the vibrating dildo I bought when I went to the adult toy store with ‘Nilla, long ago.  They have some sentimental value.  And would pack easily when I go out of town.

I’ve asked for them a couple of times.  Maybe 3 times over the years that he’s had them locked up.  But not lately.  I haven’t asked him lately, and when I did, he just avoided answering and I didn’t pursue it and push the point because i-don’t-know-why.

So now, here i am, all sort of pitiful, wanting my toys.  And not wanting to ask for them.

i think i’ll just go buy a new one.  I’m looking at maybe this one:

Power Stud – Cliterrific

Yep, cliterrific.  Don’t laugh.  Ok, go ahead and laugh…  🙂  Yes, it is seriously pink.  But it has good reviews!!


What do you think?

17 thoughts on “It’s a Problem

  1. Oh that is a problem ( never mind the issue if the batteries have been stored in them for years 😉 ). The Hitachi is a good one, I agree- though I have to say there are times that I have felt B was resurfacing floors as the intensity can be a bit much. LOL. Of course that is probably just me.

    If you are on the lookout for new things ( assuming it has been years since you have bought anything and this wasn’t around then) THIS is my new favourite. It can be expensive, but there are coupons online if you do a tiny bit of research.

    (I see they now have one that ‘looks’ like a lipstick LMAO)

    PS, I think at this point if I were you I’d demand not ask for my toys back.

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    • Thanks, Willie!! You’re right about the Hitachi, although it’s pretty effective. Right about the batteries too having probably ruined my toys by now. Sigh. And probably right that I should demand my toys back!

      All of which suggests you might be right about the womanizer! I looked at the link – it looks really intriguing! The lipstick one cracked me up. The First Lover looks a lot like my epilady, which also cracks me up. But I might need to get one of those to go wit the dildo. After all, it’s been a long time…

      And I guess I need to think about why I don’t want to demand my toys back, on principal if nothing else. {Wanders off thinking…}


    • Lol,yes when I read this, I realized that one of my hesitations is that I don’t want to ASK him to give them back. As if he still had the right to decide to keep them. When I read this, I was like, oh, yeah, I don’t need permission, he just needs to give them back. Thanks!


  2. When I threw away all my toys during the last breakup, SP got after me… until I explained that I wasn’t throwing out BDSM, I was removing the taint of a former existence/person.
    It might not be that bad of a thing to just get new.
    But yeah… I’d also be thinking about why I wasn’t pressing the matter. There may be good reasons… but you might want to stare them in the face rather than keep tap-dancing around.

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    • Oh, I remember when you did that! Yes, It might be time for new toys – particularly since Willie’s introduced me to new technology in the toy dept!! And yep. Thinking about won’t hurt. OR – it might hurt, and then that would be important too. Thanks, Jz.



  3. I was with Willie, it should be time for you to get them back. Is the issue being he has the key and you don’t to where they’re located? If not, I’d just take them back, full stop. No asking, no conversation. If he’s not your Sir, its not an issue. And I’d wonder how long it’d take for him to notice. With the thought of them being in disrepair, new ones also sound like a good option!

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    • Yeah, I had no idea where the key was. But really, what happened is probably exactly what I was avoiding. Telling him I wanted them started this whole conversation I didn’t want to have, and it’s a bit painful. But necessary. Sigh. Thanks for the support!!


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