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Thank you, Roz, for starting the questions!! These are two good ones.

Questions: What is your favorite movie, favorite childhood memory?

Ok, I don’t watch a lot of movies.  But my favorite movie is Heart and Souls.  I know, that’s very strange.  Here’s a description:

Heart and Souls is a 1993 American fantasy comedy-drama film directed by Ron Underwood. The film stars Robert Downey Jr. as Thomas Riley, a businessman recruited by the souls of four deceased people, his guardian angels from childhood, to help them rectify their unfinished lives, as he is the only one who can communicate with them.

You can read more about it hear: if you’re interested.  This movie makes me laugh and makes me cry and I love it.  I also like musicals, from Jesus Christ Superstar to My Fair Lady and All That Jazz.   Cabaret made a huge impression on me.

Favorite childhood memory?  I grew up, for the most part, in university married student housing.  After my dad finished school, we moved out and got a house, but soon after that, my parents divorced, my mom went back to school, and we moved back to the old neighborhood (which I loved.)

The summer I was 8, my mom was trying to get a degree as quickly as she could, and I was responsible for my 4 year old sister in the mornings.  A French couple with their two kids came for the summer – they were taking classes at the university, I guess both of them.  Their older daughter, who was my age, was responsible for her younger brother in the mornings.  So we would team up in the morning to entertain and manage the younger ones, and in the afternoon, when we could, we’d slip away and play on our own without them.

Sometimes we’d roller-skate and sometimes we’d go to the playground.  There was a tree we used to climb. This is my favorite memory of her and that summer.  We’d climb this tree and it had branches so we could both settle in and just sit there for a long time.  We’d talk and talk – I think we spent a lot of time planning an imaginary tree house.  By the end of summer, we’d given the house running water, electricity and an escalator that took you up to it.  I remember her and those afternoons so vividly.

Of course in the fall she and her parents went back to France and we never saw each other again.  I still think about her from time to time and hope she grew up to live happily-ever-after, at least as much as any of us does.

Thank you for the questions, Roz!!  Stay tuned, cause I have another one from Lea coming soon, and welcome more!!

13 thoughts on “Questions Answered Here

  1. I haven’t been reading here very long, so I apologize if these basic questions have all been answered here already. Are you married? Do you have a D/s relationship? I got the impression that it ended, is that right? But are you still together or single? How long did the D/s relationship last? What did you like and not like about it? Have you had other D/s relationships? Have you ever thought of yourself as a slave?

    I am just full of questions. 🙂

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  2. OMG! That is one of my all time favorite movies too. I know very few people who have seen it but I absolutely loved it and actually ended up purchasing it. 😉 If you have a chance, what was the first spanking you ever received as an adult and would you say it was playful? Sexual? A punishment?

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    • OMG is right! I’ve never met anyone who loved it either – I bought it too!! That’s amazing. I’ve made a bunch of people watch it, and they tend to agree that it’s pretty good, but it’s super cool to meet someone who also loved it. 🙂 And great questions!! Thanks!!


    • Thanks, Roz, it was a nice treat to remember that summer and the time spent in the tree with my friend. if you ever watch the movie, you’ll have to tell me (and Amy) what you thought of it. Hugs…


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