For fucks sake – oh wait, no, that would be FFS.  FFF is For Fit Friday, started by my friend Fondles!  And i was supposed to post my goals yesterday, only I didn’t even think about it til I saw abby’s post today.

But i was traveling and working and i pretty much lost track of everything.  Sigh.

Goals.  I am good at creating goals.  So here we go.

  • Eat less
    • Use my stupid Fitbit to count calories
    • Reduce carbs and sugar.  Cut the obvious ones.  Pasta.  Ice Cream.
    • Eat 3 meals and 1 snack per day – no more.
  • Move more
    • Pay attention to my stupid Fitbit when it tells me to move to get my 250 steps/hr (when possible.)
    • Do some kind of yoga once a week.
      • Use the gift certificate I have for 3 free yoga classes
    • Do some kind of dance once a week
    • Do a walking video twice a week
    • Spend 20-30 minutes organizing stuff at least 4 day/week
  • At least twice a week, do one of the many things on my to-do list that I’ve been putting of doing.

Ok, now i’ll go record all this in my Dragontree Planner.  See ya next Friday!!  Or sooner, maybe.


18 thoughts on “FFF

  1. Hi Olivia! I’m new to your blog and discovered it because I too am playing for fucks sake. I mean, the other thing. LOL We have a lot of the same goals though I think my Fitbit is fun and cool (rather than “stupid”) because I’ve only had it since Christmas and have only been using it seriously for about three days. We shall see how I feel in a week! Nice to meet you.

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    • Nice to meet you too, Amy!! Thanks so much for coming over and for chatting! I guess my Fitbit’s not really stupid either. Sometimes I just think about how odd it is that we’re running around with these wristbands to monitor ourselves, collecting data on our every move. Anyhow. Hopefully, you’ll continue to enjoy yours! Now I need to go visit your blog…


  2. woohoo! great goals. I like how you put them down as “do some kind of…” cos it gives you more leeway. I also have “ideally” vs “minimum”… that gives me some wiggle room.:)

    Glad you’re joining us in FFF and thanks for the mention!

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    • Thanks, Lea – that’s probably because I’m a champion preparer and this is not my first rodeo. Lol… But I appreciate that perspective a lot. It’s nice to meet you!


    • Hi, Roz,

      Nice to meet you! I think I’ve seen you round the blog-o-sphere before and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. It is interesting how we worked decluttering and organizing into fitness, isn’t it? Thanks for visiting and for commenting!


  3. Welcome to the group….whatever you want to call it. I am still searching for my fitbit…used it a lot when I first got it….Shedding pounds and shedding things….should be our motto! hugs abby

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  4. Hi Olivia- Glad to see your goals- I would have joined FFF too- but that means I would have to have a Blog 🙂 and happily being a reader and not a blogger these days. I would recommend the “dance” as doing Zumba has changed my life in so many ways. Not only is it great cardio, it is great to clear your mind (in a different way then Yoga) because you really do have to concentrate on feeling the music and of course doing the steps/moves involved. I am sure there are other dance classes too- this has just taken a hold of my soul and its a great thing! Looking forward to seeing your progress. Off to lift weights today- Yeah I recommend that too, especially for us “not so young gals”. Strength training so important!

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    • Faithful!! You should do it anyhow – it looks like some people are updating in comments on Fondles blog. You could totally do that.

      AND I totally agree on Zumba. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. However -you know I’m old, right? About to turn 62. I’m sure there are 62 year old people who can do Zumba, but I’m pretty sure I’m not one of them. My knees are actually the issue. If I shift my weight wrong or make a turn and set my foot down funny, I’m at risk of wrenching my knee. Again. Although – maybe I could try using knee braces so the knee can’t pop out of place… hmmm. There’s something to think about.

      But yeah, I think Zumba would be amazing. I was doing Nia for a while and that was pretty cool, but the nearest class to where I am is 84 miles away. Anyhow. Lots of other possibilites and I appreciate the perspective on zumba. And it’s just nice to see you around!!


    • Thanks for that vote of confidence, Bleue! I read your post on why you’re not doing the FFF thing and thought it was beautiful. I wish I felt that way right now, and I’m glad you do. ❤


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