And a Sickly Christmas

Really, if i were you, i would not even read this.  There is nothing kinky here, nothing particularly interesting.  So keep your expectations low.  Real low.

My grandson was sick a couple of days ago -throwing up sick, throwing up big-time sick.  Last night, my daughter got sick and went to bed early (for her.)

This morning, my granddaughter is sick, and tells me she threw up in the middle of the night.  (Thankfully, my poor sick daughter apparently handled that.)

I’ve had a cold for a week, which is slowly getting better, but this morning my head aches a bit.  At least I’m not feeling the urge to throw up.  Knock on wood.

But on the brighter side, none of us are seriously chronically ill, and no one is fatally ill, or even go-to-the-hospital ill.  In fact, not even a doctor run for anyone.  Knock on wood. So it’s all good.

My tooth has stayed glued in place – knock on wood – is not hurting – and I’m enjoying a lovely array of liquid nutrients.

The stockings are hung (albeit not stuffed) and the presents are bought (not wrapped.)  I this is probably about as good as it gets.



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