Where does all that feeling even come from?  All that serving and pleasing stuff. I’m mad at myself for even feeling that way – I didn’t even quite know all that was there {still there} until i wrote it.  Fuck.

My energy does not need to be spent on cock worship and fucking.  OG is not going to be my Dom, or my lover, He’s a nice man who offered to spank my ass because i need that.  That’s what i need to be saying to myself four times.  Slowly.  With feeling.

On the other hand, {sigh} there’s no point in berating myself for having the feelings i have.  They are just there.  And this is the best place to let them be.



4 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. There is, inside of me, that primal story going on. The ordinary becomes extraordinary, a touch is more than a touch. It is power demonstrated over the one surrendered. It is hot, attenuated feeling that begs completion. It is a game and a drama, but more than those, it is life itself. I hear your voice cry out.

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