A Moment of Sadness

I’ve been continuing to chat with this other guy from Fet who is clearly not my cup of tea, but a nice enough guy.  He’s the kind of guy that when I told him I had a cold and was losing my voice said something about oh, at least I wouldn’t be able to use my safe word.  Ok, haha, whatever.

So we’ve been emailing back and forth when we’re not busy – we both work from home, on computers, so there’s time.  Tonight he asked about my voice and I said it was gone – well, maybe 90% gone.

There’s a pause, and then he emails back, “Is your partner happy?”  And for a moment, I’m confused.  Like why wouldn’t he be happy?  Or why would he be happy?  Or – oh, wait, I get it.

Ha.   Ha.   Ha.

He meant because I’d lost my voice.  He was thinking that MP would be happy because he wouldn’t have to listen to me.  Kidding about it, right?

But it’s a meanness.

And for a minute, i imagine living in that world.  Where women are bitches and men are assholes.  Where women nag and have to be kept in their place – not in a consensual way.  i feel a huge rush of sadness, because i remember what it was like back when i kind of lived in that world.  And then relief  – and gratitude that i don’t live in that world now.

5 thoughts on “A Moment of Sadness

    • Oh – see, I didn’t even think about that!! No, he’s kind of an insensitive jerk. I was more caught up in the stereotypical bullshit – um, nonsense – of men being happy if the woman in their lives can’t say anything. But he did ask me how it was again this morning – maybe that counts for something?


    • Lol, he’s not even in the contest. He hasn’t been since he told me that he had sex outdoors with someone. That part of it was fine, but I asked him what the story was with that event and it was because his wife stayed home and the other woman’s teenage daughter was at home. For some reason that was just – not attractive to me. He seemed so pleased with himself. Maybe I would of had to be there to appreciate it, ya know?


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