Fetlife Story #3,965

Ok, that might be an exaggeration, maybe I haven’t actually told that many fetlife stories.  That’s the “feels like” number.  But I just want to bring you up-to-date.

I’m still chatting with the man who’s not really a Dom, just another pretty nice guy.  We’re in that phase where he still thinks I’m going to change my mind and get intimate with him (aka fuck him) while I’m 99% sure I’m not going to.  But it’s nice to have someone to talk to.

Why is it nice?  Hmmmm, that’s a good question.  It’s not like I don’t have people around me to talk to.  I do.   I started to say that they take me for granted, but that’s not really true.  Then I thought, well, they really just want to talk about what’s going on with them, but that’s not completely true either.  I’m the one who’s not sharing much.

Then I thought, well, it’s because they – my real life people – want things from me, they have lots of expectations for what I’m going to do.  Only that’s not fair – I mean, I have expectations for them too.  And it’s not like he doesn’t want something from me, Mr. Fetlife Guy.  He does.

Is it just the novelty?  Maybe.  Well, that and a little bit of all those other things I said.  He – let’s call him Jay – Jay doesn’t have a bunch of preconceived notions of who I am.  Well, wait, he probably does, but I don’t know what they are – is that the difference?

Anyhow, for whatever it’s worth, we’re chatting – via email – and I’m enjoying it.

In other kind-of-news, I’ve been chatting with someone else who seems to at least actually be interested in BDSM activity.  Woohoo!  He’s an old guy, almost 15 years older than I am, but that’s ok.  In this case, it’s nice to talk to someone who likes to spank and maybe do some other things too.  He lives about 3 hours away, which is too far, for real, but that’s ok too.  Maybe a cyber relationship would do it for me.

Happy news today – Abby at Finally Finding Me is back!  She had been mia since September, so it’s nice to see her back.   It did make me start thinking about what would happen if something happened to me.

I have enough friends that know me in real life that someone would come leave a comment.  So I don’t really have to worry about that, I guess.  Have those of you who blog made arrangements for what would happen to your blog if – you know – you were no longer able to keep it going?  Just curious…

6 thoughts on “Fetlife Story #3,965

    • Sweet. I think you should do it. I googled cost of getting bonded, but it’s complicated. I hope you know I’m not making light of the possibilities around this – it’s too real…


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