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It is still Love Our Lurkers time!!  Don’t hesitate to say hi – I LOVE comments!!

1. Have you ever had a professional massage? If yes, what type? If no, why not?
Yes, I've had a massage more than once.   I love massages.  I haven't had one in a long time.   Hmmmmm, I think i'm due one.

2. Do you engage in the following? Tell us all that apply and how often you do it a. yoga b. tai chi c. float therapy d. run/jog e. workout–any that isn’t actually training for something but is for physical fitness maintenance f. other – what?

a.  No yoga    b. No tai chi

c.  No float therapy

d..  No running,  Unless someone's chasing me.  (I know, that's a really bad joke.)

e.  Definitely don't jog.  Haven't done good physical fitness maintenance for um, a while.

f.  Chasing my grandkids around has been pretty good for me.  :)

3. How many hours of sleep do you average on a weeknight? Weekend? Do you think you need more or less sleep?

Sometimes I'll do 7-8 hours a night, and that's ideal for me.  Often, like lately, I'm lucky to do 6 and too often it's closer to 5.  That leaves me always feeling tired and droopy.  It doesn't make much difference whether it's doing the week or on the weekends.  I wake up early.  I used to always be up by 4:30 or 5:00, but since we moved I sometimes sleep in til 6 or even 7:00.

4. Which of the following are you most likely to add to your self-care routine and stick with it? a. Schedule in a planner daily “me time” b. Acupuncture c. Take a moment at the end of each day and consciously list a few good things in your life. d. Turn off phone and step away from computer/tablet for 4 hours a day

a. I might schedule "me time" on my calendar.  I won't actually do it.

b. Not acupuncture.  Just no.

c.  I have done my gratitudes before.  Maybe I need to do that again...

d. Probably not.  My job involves being on-line, doing meetings on-line, and so on.  The class I'm taking is on-line.  Many of my leisure activities - including Facebook and this blog - are on-line activities.  I might want to make more of an effort to not look at my phone when I don't actually need to be on line..

5. What do you do for self-care either physically, spiritually or emotionally?

I do lots of mindfulness exercises.  Lots of down-regulating my physical self these days, which has been helpful.  Some meditation.  Some centering, being still, sitting with my own feelings.  Practicing being non-judgmental.   Journaling.  Blogging.  Going to the beach.

Bonus: Today, make sure you give yourself some love–self-care.

Ok.  I'll do it.

4 thoughts on “TMI Blog – Self-care

  1. If I could afford it, I would have a massage every day! Love, love, love them ! I also enjoy Tai Chi but haven’t done it for a while. Thanks for the reminder so I can start back up with it.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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