On the Road Again

I’ve been traveling for work, but unlike most work trips, I’ve been taking some time for myself.  Usually, it seems like I arrive wherever I’m going exhausted, just have time to do the required work, and fly back out.  This time, I’ve managed to work it out a bit differently.

I’m staying in a rural area – in fact it almost feels like a ghost town – but not in a bad way. I’m in a B&B which is super peaceful.  I’m actually the only person here since yesterday morning.  And there’s some amazingly beautiful scenery nearby.

Apparently, this is just what i needed.

i finished the work part of my trip yesterday afternoon and am going to spend today and part of tomorrow traveling for my own pleasure.  I am super excited.  And – I feel like i am reconnecting with a part of myself that’s been buried.

Not my submissive self, but her sister.  My spiritual self, maybe?  Whoever she is, it feels really good.  I feel like i’m reconnecting with my power.



This picture is borrowed from ZenGardner.com

5 thoughts on “On the Road Again

      • i have a new candle for you and am going to try to go to the post office tomorrow. ❤ i know, i know-don't buy stuff for you. i already bought it though before the lecture, so it just makes sense to send it, right? 🙂 i'm so happy that little things mean something to you, because i can't afford the hope diamond, which is what i think you actually deserve in life-karmically speaking.


      • Dear Jade. If i can’t fuss at you, i don’t even know what to say. Thank you, of course, it is thoughtful and sweet of you. And not necessary – I know you care about me without that. And it’s still sweet of you,
        yes. Hugs and love ❤

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