Today’s Not Really News…

Last night, i had a chance to do some literal self-care – you know, epiladied my legs, put a ton of lotion on my feet.  You wouldn’t think that was something one needed to leave town to do.  i have not been taking care of myself.

This man i’ve been chatting with on fetlife asked me if i wore my sexy bikini to the beach last weekend.  It almost made me snort coffee out my nose.   My sexy bikini – rofl, no.  And he knows i’m old!  (I know, Jade, I know…)

Time to go to my conference.  I’ll have free time tonight though – that is super exciting!!

One thought on “Today’s Not Really News…

  1. Yay for free time and self care. i hope that you notice how nice your legs feel all day long, and how a little pampering is necessary. i vote you go find a mani pedi place today. And i’m so happy to be the little (pun intended) voice in your head reminding you that all of your ideas about age, looks, blah blah blah….they just aren’t what really matters to many people. Which is not to say that you aren’t beautiful-to me, you are. i always believed that love automatically makes a person beautiful but i noticed beautiful things about you before i loved you-so there. ❤ Mani pedi should go on our bucket list. i have only had one pedi in the last several months and no manicure to save money, but that was at least a very conscious choice on my part. Ohhh! Maybe there is a fancy bath and body works or other kinda shop near you for some body butter and essential oils and such?? ❤

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