Olivia’s Wine – Um, Whine?

There is really no wine in this story, just trying to be funny.  Wine would be better.

Just realized that i’ve not only missed being here, my friends are posting like crazy.  I can’t even keep up with reading.

I’m exhausted.  Pretty much all the time.  How do parents do this?  I know.  I did it, many years ago.  And it’s not even like i’m parenting.  But i’m babysitting while my daughter works evenings, and it’s exhausting.

Wonderful.  I’m wild about my grandkids.  They are beautiful and smart and funny.  And they are wearing me out.

Also, i need to figure out what to do about my relationship.  Again.  That’s all i need to say on that.

There is a play party here soon, and i think i could actually go to it, but i’ll be out of town when they have the pre-party get together and background check.  So I guess I”ll wait.  i thought about messaging them and offering to give them my references from where i used to live.  But really, I’m better off starting out at a vanilla-ish gathering anyhow, so i need to wait.

It will all work out.  It will all work out.  One way or the other.


8 thoughts on “Olivia’s Wine – Um, Whine?

  1. Funny that I can’t wait to be a Grandma – but am sure it will wear me out too! Life itself is exhausting! I know I have missed you here and glad you are posting!


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  2. i always thought that being a Grandmother would be the greatest job on Earth. That being said, there was an enormous difference between my exhaustion levels raising a one year old when i was 18, and being blessed to do it again at 30. i think our minds must have something that makes us forget some of the exhaustion so we can be mother’s, grandmothers, teachers, and all of that marvelousness more than once. Heh. i was exhausted at 18 too, but i was also able to go to bed at 2am and wake up at 6am every day. Try that now? Ugh. No, thank you. I would do it all over again, and i know you adore your grands. Balance. Balance. Balance. That is all i’m gonna say about that. ❤

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