A Mess, but Not a Failure

No matter what else may be bothering me, a trip to the ocean will always leave me calm and feeling better able to face those challenges. I know that sounds incredibly corny, but it is just true

When I woke up this morning, I almost decided to sleep a little more instead of driving down to see the sunrise. I’m glad I didn’t make that choice


9 thoughts on “A Mess, but Not a Failure

  1. Just read thru your last few posts…seems I am always behind lately. I grew up by the ocean, spent many summer days there, early morning walks…I do miss it…hugs abby

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  2. I’ve never understood how anyone can heal without the sea. It is deeply symbolic in many mythology and religious stories and not corny in the least. It’s as close as we ever get to return to the womb. I’m glad you went. ❤️

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