Disrespect III

He is fucking my mouth, thrusting his cock deep, as i struggle to relax my throat and take him deeper.  i think he is almost there – i can tell he is almost there –

and he puts his hand on the back of my head, holding me steady while he pumps again – and again – until i feel him shudder, hear him cry out with pleasure, feel his hot cum hit the back of my throat, swallowing as quickly as i can, i feel his body relax, the tension draining away.

It relaxes me too, on some level, even though i am so hot i think i might spontaneously combust – just burst into flames, right there on the floor between his legs.  My pussy is so wet, the butt plug is still uncomfortable but in a good way, if you know what i mean, and my nipples are longing to be touched.  He lets me rest my head on his thigh, strokes my hair.

“Well, that was nice,” he says.  “Well done.  It must be getting close to dinner time, maybe we should shower and go to that new place you were talking about?  What was it, The Bunion or something like that?”

That makes me giggle, he does this all the time, “No, Sir, not the Bunion, it’s Runyon’s and they’re supposed to have all kinds of fabulous beef and seafood and just about everything.”

“Sounds good,” he says, and he moves as if he’s about to get up, but-

“Sir!” i say, “Wait – hang on, please, wait – i mean, i mean – of course you can get up if you want to, but- but what about…” and i realize that he’s laughing.

“Your three questions?” he says, grinning.

“Yes, Sir, please. And then can we still go to Runyon’s?”

“Yes, we can.  And I think we probably will.  But you’re right, first things first, what are your questions?”

“Ok.  Question one.  What are we going to do at this retreat place we’re going to?”  Somehow, the act of sucking his cock has cleared my head.  As it often does.

He nods, “Good question.  They have a number of classes.  Yoga and mindfulness, as well as classes in submissive services.  Boot blacking I think, cock worship, high tea service, things like that.”

i know my jaw has dropped, my mouth is open.  Then i’m grinning.  “Seriously?” i say, then add quickly, “No, Sir, please no, that’s not my second question.”  i know too well how his mind works.

He’s laughing though.  “Ok I won’t count that one, this time.  But yes, seriously.”

i have to think hard now, what do i want to ask next?  “What classes will i be taking, Sir?”

He shakes his head, “I haven’t even decided that yet.  You’ll be taking classes that will help you better carry out The List.  And – I will tell you this – maybe some obedience training.  I’ve been thinking about adding “obedient” to your personal list and thought this would be a good opportunity to see how you do with some training.”

i am astounded.  i didn’t know that he wanted me to be more obedient, didn’t know that he – does he think of me as disobedient?  Tears well up in my eyes.  At the same time, my cunt is throbbing, the idea of obedience training is so hot.  Damn it.  i don’t know whether to beg him for an orgasm or burst into tears.

He is watching me, with that look of curiosity he gets sometimes, as if i were one of his research projects.  i shiver.  That look is like the butt plug, it reduces me, and it turns me on.  It makes me want to turn myself inside out and ask him to take whatever he wants, please.

So when he raises an eyebrow at me, i immediately say, “i’m thinking that maybe you think – maybe i haven’t  been obedient enough, Sir.”  i am careful not to make it a question.  “And i feel sad about that.”

“No,” he says, “That’s not it.  I just think it would be fun to watch you work on that skill.  It’s not one we’ve focused on before.”

i nod.  Ok, i can handle that.  “Thank you, Sir,” i say, and i mean for telling me now.  So what is my third question going to be?  There are still so many… but this one intrigues me.

“Why do we have to take a shuttle from Calloway?  Why can’t we drive the rest of the way.”

“Because we’re not allowed – no one, except for a few people – is allowed to know exactly where it is.  Everyone in the shuttle is blindfolded on the way up.”

“But -” that makes me nervous.  Very nervous.  He grins.  “But don’t worry,” he says, “I’ll be there.”  And he starts laughing, a fake, diabolical laugh, like a villain in a 1920’s play.  He even pretends to twirl a handlebar mustache.

i’m laughing, but “That’s not funny!” i protest.  “That’s the same thing the guy says to O in Story of O before he leaves her at the door of Roissey the first time!  He says, ‘If you don’t knock, they will come out and bring you in,’ or ‘make you come in’ or ‘force you to come in,’ – something like that.  And then he says, ‘But don’t worry, I’ll be there.'”

“Yes, exactly, my sweet, little one,” he says, still playing the villain.   “Now I’m going to take your butt plug out and send you to the shower.  You may do whatever you need to do to your hair, but you are not to touch your nipples, your ass or your cunt.  And,” he drops the villain-ish manner and talks in a normal tone again, “And let me see here.  How wet are you?”

Of course, i am dripping wet, it’s a wonder there’s not a huge puddle under me but my inner thighs are even wet.  His finger probe between my legs and as they slide inside me i gasp and thrust myself against him.  He pulls out, and slap my cunt, hard.

“No,” he says, “Don’t try to push me.  Who is in control here?”

“You are, Sir, you are, absolutely, i am just so – very – very hot, i’m sorry, i won’t do it again, Sir.”

“I should think not!” he says all haughty and I don’t know if he’s envisioning himself as Mr. Darcy or Mr. Rochester of Jane Eyre, but i can see he’s on the verge of laughing again.

“Head down, ass up,” he says.  i follow those directions quickly, and in a moment he’s removed the butt plug, leaving me feeling empty and bereft.  i swallow my moan.

In this position, my pussy is also readily accessible and he begins to play with me, stroking my clit for a minute, spreading my lips then pinching them together until i am whimpering, unable to hold still.

“Sir, please, may i -” but –

“Absolutely not,” he says, smacking my ass hard.  “Off to the showers with you.  Better make it a cold one, cause there’s no orgasm in your immediate future.”

i start to whine, “Sirrrrr,” but think better of it. and turn it into, “Cerrr-tainly, Sir,” which makes him laugh.  “Don’t worry,” he says, “I’ll let you warm the water up when I come join you.”

“Yes, Sir,” i say.  i feel like every sensory receptor on my body is aroused and tingling – a cold shower probably is my best bet.  Damn it.


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