May i be peaceful…

May i be happy…

May i be safe…

May i awaken to the light of my true nature…

May i be free…





May you be peaceful…

May you be happy…

May you be safe…

May you awaken to the light of your true nature…

May you be free…






4 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. Namaste. You are peace. You are centered. Everything will be okay. Sending warmth and loving energy your way. i’m thinking that you may want to try drawing down the moon and taking a bath in epsom salts. i miss being able to lay down in the grass, with my womb against the mother of us all. i miss being able to stand in the earth and discharge energy i don’t need. ❤ (Why isn't Dial-a-Dom a Thing?)

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  2. I love this 💞 and thank you for the reminder this morning.

    I was just writing last night to a friend about the centering, stabilizing, peaceful benefits of learning to focus on the breath, and being mindful. (But even still, when I received your reminder this morning I found myself scattered… which is why it’s called Buddhist Practice… We are all practicing every moment.)

    Thank you for your service to love and peace and humanity on this day. You are beautiful. 💞😌 You are perfect. You are love.

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