Third Day of Spring

At least i think it’s the third day.  No doubt that springtime makes it easier to get in touch with hope and a sense of new beginnings.



i feel hopeful about silly things – that i’ll go through every single pile of papers in my house and sort and organize them all, for example.  (For some of you, that is probably not silly, but then you aren’t me…)

i notice that i am not eating compulsively these days, and that’s a huge relief.  To go to bed without feeling guilty about what i ate, to wake up and not worry about what i’m going to eat, is amazing.

And i’ve discovered that there’s a business in Where-i-Live that prepares meals – healthy meals – that you can pre-order and pick up.  For six dollars, i can get a healthy, delicious meal – and even have it delivered, if i want to pay an extra fee.  How cool is that?  i know, for those of you who cook, not cool at all.  But my partner doesn’t eat the variety of things i like, and it’s no fun cooking for one.  So this will be terrific for me.

And i’ve discovered that i can still write erotica and get turned on.  After a long, dry winter {giggle},  that’s exciting.

i can feel myself stretching and expanding.  i can feel the energy that i hold between my own hands.


i’m traveling today, for work, and looking forward to it.  Hope you have an amazing day.

6 thoughts on “Third Day of Spring

    • Ewoman!! Omg, i haven’t seen you in a month of Sundays!! SO glad to see you here! Now I feel bad cause i haven’t been reading your blog. {Runs off to read…}


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