“Here.”  He snaps his fingers and points to the floor at his feet.  “Crawl,” he says, with a hint of a smile.

i hesitate – just for a moment – but crawl?  Alan and Mindy are here!  It’s bad enough that i’m naked, and the only one naked.  Although, Mindy is barely dressed.  Still, a corset and a skirt, even a short one, is a lot better than naked with a butt plug.  And now he wants me to crawl over there?

i’ve paused too long, he raises one eyebrow and my heart rate speeds up, ok, yes, no, he doesn’t have to tell me twice.  i drop to all fours and begin to crawl.  Not in a scurry, but slowly, with some grace, in a way i know will please him.  Head up, but eyes down.

At his feet, i stop, rock back on my heels.  Classic first position, back straight, knees spread slightly, hands resting on my thighs, palms up.  He does not even glance at me, deep in conversation with Alan.  i keep my eyes down, not wanting to see the look on Mindy’s face.

i try to keep my mind clear, focused on my posture, but the words begin to penetrate.  “So,” my Master says, “Did you like the training school?”

“I did,” says Alan, laughing.  “I’m not sure Mindy did, not all of it anyhow, but she came back much more obedient.  And more pleasing.  I think it was worth it.  Plus, of course, they marked her for me.  Did you notice the one here, on her tit?”

“Oh, let me see!”  My Master leans forward, and i look too, trying to look up without anyone noticing.  But it’s ok, my Master motions to me, “Here, look at this,” he says.  “I think something like this might look nice on you.  My initial of course, and a different design.”

It is pretty.  The letter A in block capital and a woman, a nymph or a fairy beneath it, leafy green design around it.  Very pretty.  But.  But.


“Not just there,” says Alan.  “Show him, baby.”  i’m feeling bad for Mindy, but she looks happy enough as she pulls her skirt up on one side to show the same design on one ass cheek.  “And?” says Alan.

And she pulls her skirt up in front, raises one knee and turns her leg out from the hip so her inner thigh is exposed.  There it is, high up on the thigh, the same design.  “I thought about marking her cunt,” Alan says, “But decided i liked this better.”

Mindy continues to stand there, leg raised and bent, toe touching her other knee, like a ballet dancer.  And i realize she’s proud of it

It is a shock to realize that i might be too, if it were me.  i feel myself flush, and there’s a roaring in my ears that makes it hard to pay attention.  Do i want to be marked?  Am i insane?  But i can feel the attraction to it

A long moment, before Alan nods and Mindy puts her leg down.  My Master is looking at me curiously, and i wonder what my face is showing.  “That’s nice,” he says, still addressing Alan.  “Very nice.  But I’ve been wondering if branding wouldn’t be better.”

“Well, it’s more permanent, that’s for sure,” Alan says seriously.

i can’t breathe at all now, and i’m pretty sure my heart has stopped.  He’s kidding, i know he’s kidding, he wouldn’t do that.  Really, he wouldn’t.

“Not as pretty though,” he says, and now i’m hoping he wants me tattooed.  Clearly, i have lost my mind.  “Well, no need to decide now,” he adds.  “Do you  want to go out for dinner, or have something brought in?”  This question is addressed to Alan too, of course.

i quit listening, my mind wandering, thinking of all the questions i want to ask Mindy about the school she’d been sent to, and the tattoos.  i wonder if they hurt a lot.

My mind is jerked back to the room by the sudden pinch of my Master’s fingers on my right nipple, bringing tears to my eyes and making me gasp.  “Listening now?” he asks, releasing the nipple.  i can only nod.  “Then crawl into the bedroom and put on a skirt and top.  Heels.  Fix your hair and do your face, whatever you need to do to be ready to go out.  Ten  minutes before we walk out the door.   I’ll decide about whether or not to let you take the butt plug out once you’re dressed.  Clear?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Repeat it back to me.”

i smile, i can do this.  “i’m to – to crawl into the bedroom and put on a skirt and top. Do my hair and face.  Wear heels.  i’ve got ten minutes to be ready and you’ll decide about the butt plug when i’m dressed.”

“Good girl,” he says, and my whole body shivers with pleasure.  “Maybe I will just have you tattooed.  Now go.”

Crawling away from them is even worse than crawling toward him, but i search for grace and try to look like a cat and not an armadillo as i go.


From a Dark Place

i had been asleep, but i wake up quickly.  The woman, whose presence i’ve gotten used to, leads me to the bathroom, and when i am finished there, she nods for me to sit at the table.  She gives me the one cup of coffee i am allowed, and one hard-boiled egg, watching patiently while i eat.

i expect her to take me to the shower next, but instead she attaches the leash to my collar and leads me out of the room.  i am naked, other than my collar and the narrow cuffs on my wrists and ankles.  Before we leave the room, she attaches my wrists to the ring in my collar and puts a blindfold on me.

i stumble a little as she leads me down the hallway, but she has led me blindfolded before, so i am not as clumsy as i was the first time.   We make several turns and seem to go a long way before she stops, and i can hear her open a door.  She nudges me forward about 10 steps, then stops me.

“Wait here,” she says.  She drops the leash, her footsteps move back in the direction from which we had come, and i hear the door open and close.  i don’t know if she’s really left, or if there are other people in the room.  i don’t hear movement, but it would be foolish to assume no one’s watching me.

i am a little bit afraid.  i have no idea what’s going to happen next.  i’ve been here for – well, i don’t know how long i’ve been here – more than a day, maybe several days, i think.  My room has no windows, and i haven’t been allowed outside since i got here.  At first, i was terrified all the time, but it’s mostly been monotonous.  They haven’t let me wear clothes, which worries me, but they take care of me in such an impersonal way that i’ve almost gotten used to it.

When they first brought me here, i kept trying to get them to tell me what was going to happen to me.  But every time i talked, they gagged me – didn’t even tell me to be quiet, just stuck something in my mouth so i couldn’t talk.  i quit trying to ask questions pretty quickly after a few times of that.

Really, it’s been like that with everything.  They haven’t hurt me, but they get me to obey.  Any time i try to resist, they attach my collar or my wrists to a hook in the wall or to my bed or another piece of furniture and just leave me there until i give up and do whatever they want.  They haven’t made me do anything awful really, just regular stuff.  i eat, i exercise, i shower, i sleep.

So in a way, i’m glad that something different is happening.  i was a little bit afraid that it was just going to go on the same way forever.  But now – well, i just don’t know what’s going to happen next.

{This story didn’t go the way i thought it was going to.  i don’t even know where this story came from, it wrote itself, and i hope there isn’t more of it tucked away in my head, just waiting to come out.}