"Now," he says. i glance up - now, what?  "Sir?" i say. "Now," he says, "It's time for you to come to bed.  It's almost midnight." "Yes - yes, Sir, i am coming, i just need to finish..." but he raises that eyebrow, and i sigh. "Yes, Sir," closing my laptop as i say it. … Continue reading Now

The Magic Wand

The Magic Wand arrived yesterday.  It looks like this: It makes me feel like this: Loveliest orgasm ever. i haven't forgotten about "i imagine," but i still need to edit the next part.  And i admit, my brain is sometimes elsewhere. i think i might have to start calling MP "Sir" again. i asked him … Continue reading The Magic Wand

An Open Mind

'What's on your mind?" he asks. Deep in thought, i say, "Nothing, really," but then i hear what i've said and see his face, eyebrows raised.  My eyes widen, and i swallow hard, wishing i could take those careless words back. It is, of course, too late.  "That's ten," he says casually.  "With the crop … Continue reading An Open Mind

Maybe i’m not

"Maybe i'm not even submissive," i say with a sigh. He glances up from his dinner, "You've been reading other people's blogs again, haven't you?" i giggle, he knows me so well.  "Maybe.  Ok, yes." He nods.  "Come here." i hesitate - i haven't finished eating either.  "Bring me your plate," he says, noticing the … Continue reading Maybe i’m not

Sorted Out

"What's wrong?" he asks. "Oh, nothing, really," i say with a sigh. He raises that one eyebrow, damn it, and i quickly correct myself.  "i don't know - no, really, i'm just out of sorts." "Feeling bad?" "Tired.  A little bit overwhelmed.  Just - you know. Out of sorts." "Sounds like you need to be … Continue reading Sorted Out

Stop that

"Stop that," he says. "What?"  i look innocent, sound innocent, but i totally know what he's talking about. "THAT," he says, taking my phone out of my hand.  "You have been on there for at least an hour now.  Are you doing anything besides Facebook?" "Um, actually, um, no, no, Sir. " "I thought you … Continue reading Stop that

Letting go

"In the corner.  Now." i would rather not, but i would also rather not get caned tonight, so i move quickly.  Ok, it might take me a minute to get off my knees, i don't do that as fast as i once could, but having gotten to my feet, i move quickly. i am already … Continue reading Letting go


i'm tired - and this is real life, not a story.  If it were a story, someone would help me manage my time.  And there would be spankings involved.  Perhaps orgasms even. But i digress.  This is just me, feeling tired.  It's been a long week - and it's only Wednesday.  Another long day to … Continue reading Tired