Sunny Sunday

Several things made today lovely.

Last night I decided that I wasn’t going to start working before 8 a.m. anymore. That might not seem like a big deal, or it might seem like something I should have done ages ago. But it felt good to get up today and know that I wasn’t going to start the day working.

In fact, I didn’t work at all today. It was a beautiful day at the beach this morning. Rained later, but the morning was lovely. The walk in the sand, water washing up over my ankles, was pleasant and then I came home and did a dance class (live, online.).

This afternoon, I got a message on fetlife – not for Olivia, but for my first submissive persona. I answered – and a conversation developed. An interesting conversation. With a Dom. He’s younger than I am, but not so young I feel ridiculous. And if we were to have an on-line relationship, he can imagine me any way he wants to!!

Do you see how quickly I’ve blown this up out of proportion? We exchanged messages of Fet several times this afternoon. That’s all. It was fun. Low-key. He didn’t say anything ridiculously “look at me, I’m a Dom” like.

He did say he’d like to continue talking. And I would too. I’m not getting – what’s the phrase? “Don’t get your panties in a knot?” Yeah, I’m not doing that.

Anyhow. It was a nice day. And I cooked. Which was also not bad.

6 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday

  1. As long as the conversation is good and he doesn’t start posturing ridiculously, I say enjoy it!
    And good for setting work-timing boundaries. I think in today’s society people just send emails and texts at any old time (read: when I’m not expected to be working] – which is fine if you don’t expect a response, but when there’s a follow-up with “did you get my message?” i get really annoyed. Often my reply if at all is – Yes, but I will respond to you tomorrow. And then ignore all subsequent messages.

    Cooking can be fun. I often do so when I’m not working.

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    • Well, it was really a pleasure chatting with him yesterday, so we’ll see

      I love the way you set that boundary about time – that’s so smart! My issue is more often my own workaholic-ness, although sometimes it’s other people.

      Yeah, I know you cook! I’m often impressed by your food. I, on the other hand, only do it on occasion – and am quite ok with that. 😊But I enjoy it these days whenI do.


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  2. Hi Olivia, glad you took time out and had a lovely day, something we all need to do from time to time.

    Sounds like an interesting conversation.



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