Connections and Such

Connections was the name of a gay bar in Where-I-Used-to-Live.  The bar is gone, and this post is not about the bar, but I can’t say the word without thinking about the place, a long-standing institution.  Anyhow.  This post is about the other kind of connections – between people, places and things.

I’ve been feeling bad most of this 3-day weekend, which is unfortunate.  I had hoped to get a lot done, and just haven’t.  But we – MP and I – did go out to dinner with an old friend, Ms. Constance and a member of her poly family, Poodles.  If you don’t already know Ms. Constance, you can look at her website and blog, or one of the books she’s written.  She is a grand domme, in every sense of the word.

We had a lovely meal, a view of the sunset, and a great time sharing stories of life changes and plans for the future.  It was the first time in ages that MP and i were around other kinky folks, and we both enjoyed it a lot.  I think Ms. Constance and Poodles did too.

Jade has been checking in with me on how i’m doing with the prospect of new D/s in my future, which is very lovely of her.  (Also, Jade, Ms. Constance said to give you a hug back.)    But we were talking about books, and Jade mentioned one by Raven Kaldera entitled, “Paradigms of Power: Styles of Master/Slave Relationships.”  She generously offered to let me read it from her kindle, but being the control freak that i am when it comes to books, i bought it for my own kindle instead.  (Ok, it was only $3.82 – how could I not buy it??!)

Anyhow, it was super cool to see that Jade and Sir Raven were one of the couples used as an example in the book – AND another blogger i know is also in the book.  You probably know her too, but i guess i’ll let her speak for herself in the comments if she wants to.  In any case, i feel like i’m surrounded by celebrities!

In other news, i was telling MP about a blogger i used to read back when i first started blogging, lo these many years ago.  His blog was one of the first ones i read, along with ‘Nilla, who you might know, and “Sin,” who, sadly, doesn’t blog any more. I also read “Mick”, who was a submissive man, with his wife “Molly,” and “mouse,” with her Master.  Like ‘Nilla, they are still around, which is pretty cool.

My favorite Dom blog was by the Discerning Dom, and it’s long gone now.  He was bright, educated, thoughtful and super hot.  He made me think about things and he totally turned me on.  He was amazing and a great education for my newly submissive self.  i grieved when he quit blogging, and grieved again when he eventually took the blog down.

So I was telling MP about him and googled the name, just for the fun of it, and GUESS WHAT!!!  He made his blog into a book!!  YES!!  Seriously.  It’s called The D/s Blog and is available in paperback and on kindle.   MP is reading it, and also likes it, so that’s very cool.

Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend, if it’s a holiday where you are, and having a lovely Monday if it’s not.





17 thoughts on “Connections and Such

  1. Blogs come and go, and some lie dormant for a bit then come back to life. some never do. i miss the old bloggers I “grew into D/s” with, but am also happy for the new friends I’ve made since I came back to blogging. Your evening out sounds lovely. I wonder if I could ever go out with another kinky couple…

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    • Yep, blogs do come and go. I’ve come and gone myself a couple of times!! But I think the bloggers we “grow into D/s with” always have a special place in our hearts. As for going out with another kinky couple -y’all could always come visit us! 🙂


  2. I thought the same thing as Bleue, though I have to confess I haven’t been an avid reader. I discovered her because I googled ( can’t recall why now) my girl friend Susie’s blog ( speaking of bloggers who have left) and Ms. Constance’s came up. Have you read the book you linked to your post? I know you are friends, but I am a bit curious about it. We aren’t new to BDSM, but we’ve experienced hiccups in bizarre ways. I am curious if before the next time it happens…lol, because I KNOW it will, if this might be a good jump starter?

    Anyway, sounds like fun. I remember years ago when we were ‘merely’ Dd and popular bloggers started commenting on my blog, then became friends ( We have even vacationed with a few) I was so awe struck. LOL..we laugh about it now, as I have drooled on their guest pillows in my sleep.

    I hope for you both the road ahead is full of great adventure and fulfillment. I have been in places where it feels like only the pilot light of my submission was burning and it was awful. I wish you the best.


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    • Thanks for those good wishes, Willie, I appreciate it. You’re right, it has been like having only the pilot light on, and not very effective!

      I have read Ms. Constance’s book. It’s super interesting, and very much from a Domme perspective. I don’t know if it would be helpful for you or not, really…

      Hanging out with other kinky folks is just about the best. There’s a level of freedom that you don’t get any other way. Yep, some of my early BDSM heroes are good friends now – which is another kind of treat!!

      We do have a lot in common, don’t we?!!

      ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Is that me? I wrote a short chapter for the book. After I got a copy, and saw how much other people wrote, I wished I’d done a longer one, but ah well, it was done. I love that book, and all the completely different perspectives it represents.


    • It is you!!! Yes, for sure there was lots more you could have said, but I liked reading your part. It’s a terrific book. I just think it’s super cool that you were in it (and I know you!!)


  4. Woot! SR asked how Ms Constance is doing and if her boi scout is still around. 😊 SR also didn’t miss the opportunity to remind me that I should not have been too shy to go hug her myself. Another time will present itself eventually. We both miss reading her blog. And…sheesh…we are definitely not celebrities. Well-okay-maybe SR is. I love you, control freak. I just happen to have loads of Ms books on my kindle because we did a monthly book discussion for about two years. You should see my notes to lead the discussions and have enough questions! I always over

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