Ridiculously Excited


So i’ve been chatting with some people on fet.  The one I told you about – Jay – is still around.  Young guy – the 26 year old – has drifted away, which is good.  There’s someone my age who might be fun, we’ll see. He went to a munch last night, so at least he’s interested in exploring.  Then there’s the old guy, I think I mentioned him before.


OG, the old guy, started off talking about kinky books with me, which, really, how cool is that?  So we’ve chatted for a bit, and i end up explaining what the story is with My Partner.  I always feel bad about that – like I’ve violated his confidence and shouldn’t talk about him having health issues and not being into BDSM anymore.  But he does, and he isn’t, and if those things weren’t true, i probably wouldn’t be talking to strangers on fet in the first place.


i always try to be considerate when i talk about MP and why i’m looking for some kinky fun on fet and usually people just say they’re sorry he has health issues, or they don’t address that at all.  I often feel like there should be a soundtrack with “Ruby, Don’t Take You Love to Town,” playing in the background.

So I was explaining about us getting along real (MP and I) except that, well, it’s a platonic relationship, and OG says:

He sounds like a lucky guy.

i was just taken aback for a second and then i almost cried because that was so nice to hear.

Then he says:

“If you would like a BDSM session some time without any sex I could be persuaded to do it.”

And i thought, “SWEET!”  And then, “YES!”  And then, “Hold on, Missy, don’t you jump into anything, you don’t know this person, blah, blah, blah.”  So we’re talking about the possibility.  And that’s where the ridiculous excitement comes in.  I can picture it…



2 thoughts on “Ridiculously Excited

  1. Ohmygosh just reading this makes a wave of joy wash over me. Something real and soon and it actually focuses on your needs? Fantastic!! And of course you make him a lucky man for sure. I feel bad because my sense is definitely that he is alive inside and can’t quite reach out. You can. ❤️

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