Things to Learn More About


This is a resource page for me – and for you if you like.

i’m going to keep links here that i’m interested in pursuing, and then maybe make them their own page under this once i learn more.


For now:

Lilith and Eve – i’ve been fascinated by this myth for a long time, and recently found this:

i think it’s a myth, but a lovely myth.  i believe that we all have some Lilith and some Eve in us, and think it will be fun to explore how those of us who have a lot of Lilith do with submission.

Raven Kaldera is  an author, shaman and activist.  In one of my previous lives, i got to see him do a workshop and was inspired by him.  i put those ideas on hold for a long time, and now i need to revisit them and see what i can learn from them without a Master.

i am particularly interested in this part of his website:

If you have interests, things you think i need to know about, please feel free to comment or email me!






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