Home again, home again

Back from a weekend of conferencing.  Lot of fun, good friends, and super vanilla pleasures.  Which is fine.  But it’s good to be home.

So my “friend” from fetlife has disappeared – i would say “ghosted” but we weren’t working on a relationship anyhow.  He had asked to be introduced to someone in the community where i used to live, and i was able to do that.  And that was the end of that.  Honestly, i’m not sure if that’s because he got what he wanted or if he was intimidated by who i introduced him to, but it’s not like it matters.

I’m off work the next couple of days, looking at organizing my house and my life a bit.  Quit laughing, i am.

And seconds after i said that i got a fetlife message from someone who lives near me.  A younger man, but at least in his 40’s and not his 20’s.  (i know, Jade, i know, it’s not about age…)  And he’s just being friendly anyhow, but that’s nice.

Also, i’m sitting here looking at books i have that i have not read.  One of hem is Erotic Surrender by Claudia Varrin and the other is Sacred Kink by Lee Harrington.  i think i’ll read one of them –  commit to reading it, and maybe talk about it here.  Anyone have a recommendation for which to read first?  Anyone want to do a kinky on-line book club?