Nope, that wasn’t my Dom. It’s over before it began. All the fluttery thrills of yesterday are like dust in the wind. (Yes, that’s also in a song. No, I’m not posting it here.)

No, I don’t know why. He sent one last, short, sharp message and disappeared. For a minute, I was thinking, “Wait, come back, what did I do wrong? What did I say? How did I come across wrong?”

Then I got a grip on myself and reminded myself that if I could say the “wrong” thing in less then 10 messages, it was just as well to have that over with. I might have been a bit relieved anyhow.

At the risk of sounding like a case of sour grapes, I will mention that when I looked at his Fetlife activities, there were a couple of things that gave me pause. And when I enlarged his profile picture, it looked like his eyes were cold and maybe even mean. But I had that desperate, “oh maybe this could be real and it’s just a bad picture” feeling, so I ignored it.

Shrug, it’s ok. It’s springtime here, the beach is warm, life is not bad. Hope things are good for you as well.

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