Parenthetically, Bodies and Such

Doctors, frigging doctors.

Start a new medication. They tell me, x is a common side effect. Let us know if it persists beyond a week.
It persists. I let them know.

They tell me, Well, if you’re worried about it, make an appointment and come in.


Feels like a bait and switch, you know? I really just wanted to know why they wanted to know – like will I die or something? If I go in, they will tell it’s because of some healthcare rule I’m not following.

But I haven’t trusted doctors since I was 3, I’m probably not going to start now. If you, or your closest family member, is a doctor, I’m sure they’re different. (Not really. But I’m not going to argue about it.)

In other body news – this one is kind of funny – I fell the other day. NO, that’s not the funny part. I’m long past the age of falls being funny and into the broke-my-hip category.

But I fell in our front yard, on our brick patio, flat on my face, barely missing slamming my face into the bricks. Somehow, amazingly, I barely got hurt. I scraped my wrist and one knee. I hurt my left hand, but it’s just swelled up a bit, bruised maybe, middle finger nicely swollen. I scraped my knee – both knees, but only one is worth mentioning. A scrape about the size of a quarter, my knee swelled a little bit, and gets stiff I sit too long. That’s it. I fell face first, flat on the ground, felt pretty shook up, but walked away basically uninjured.

That’s not the funny part either. Wait for it.

MP and my daughter were concerned, of course. MP wanted to get the uneven brick fixed, my daughter wanted to know if I was ok, MP said I should get an ice pack, my daughter suggested Ibuprofen. Somehow, it didn’t feel very satisfying. I think I wanted someone to hug me and tell me poor baby and have me sit down while they got me some ibuprofen and water or whatever. I wanted someone to fuss over me.

But that wasn’t going to happen, so I had this urge to maybe post about it on FB. But – and here’s the funny part – I didn’t want people to fuss over me. I don’t like it when people fuss over me, it makes me feel like I’m old and like they think I’m – well, you know, old. But I can’t be old, because I Didn’t Break a Hip!! But seriously, I didn’t want a bunch of people on FB all feeling sorry for me and telling me they were glad I was ok. The only thing worse than that would have been – if they didn’t feel sorry for me and tell me they were glad I was ok!!

Now that’s funny. But it’s like my Mama always said, ”Getting old is not for the faint of heart.”

I love you people being here so I can dump all my musings – the most random and the ones I hold close to my heart. 💜

(Don’t worry, I’ve already started Preparations, Part 4.)

15 thoughts on “Parenthetically, Bodies and Such

  1. Old girl! get yourself together and accept a hug from me! You still learned something about gravity today. This crap is changing, too. As a child, our body was made of rubber, today it is made of the most expensive porcelain … 🙂


  2. I have the same opinion about doctors as you do. Google is the best doctor …
    The bdsm for me was/today exactly the same as for you …
    I think other doors are open to me today … not than they used to be 🙂 I sympathize with you, ma’am.
    I kiss your hand and send you a virtual coffee.

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    • Oh, nice -yeah, Google is pretty great. Would you believe this dr put me on new meds and said, “Now don’t’ go home and google it.” Smh, seriously?

      I’m glad other doors are open to you today!
      And appreciate the sympathy, the kiss AND the virtual coffee! Thank you! 💜

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  3. I thinknwe want to be fussed over by “specific” people. I understand the not wanting to be fussed over on fb too. But here, i’m semi-fussing ok? Some doctors are decent. Most are not. So go ahead and google it. I do. And my boss (the doctor) does too. Hah. Here’s a virtual slice of pumpkin pie and a side of ice cream to go with that coffee. And stop falling will ya? Mum had a hip fracture two months ago and it wasnt funny. The up side – if she can walk the same now as before she fell, well, at least we know theres hope for the rest of us. (Shes 88.)
    Wishing you no swells and as little pain as possible. ❤️

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    • Omg, I’m laughing over here thanks for the pumpkin pie and ice cream!! Nice that it’s virtual too, definitely on my eating plan.
      I love that you think most drs aren’t all that decent – and that your boss googles too!! So great.
      And you’re so right – hip fractures are NOT funny. I’m glad your Mom has recovered so well. Really glad, and it does give me hope!!
      Thanks for the comment and the bit of fussing, Fondles!! 💜


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