Connections Part II {6}

Sofia woke up a bit late Thursday. She had spent a long time texting with Lori the night before and hadn’t gotten much sleep. And she wanted to go to the co-working space today. She tried to go at least twice a week. But she also wanted to respond to another one of Lucas’ questions.

She decided to share her social media. That should be quick and easy. She made herself exercise first, and shower, before she settled in front of her computer.

She sent him links to Facebook and Fetlife, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. She told him that she thought she still had a log-in on CollarMe but couldn’t remember her user name or password and hadn’t used it in years. She thought again about the blog she used to have, but decided that wasn’t worth mentioning.

By the time Sofia finished, it was 10:30. She hit send, packed up her Macbook and headed out for the day.

Lucas responded in less than an hour. By the time she got to the co-working space, his message was there:

“Very nice. I like your public persona. Your website is fascinating and all of your social media is well done. They seem to have a unifying theme of compassion and healing. I can really appreciate that. I’m looking forward to talking with you about some of the concepts you’ve explored.
Your Fetlife profile is pretty empty in comparison. I’m curious about that, and will ask you about it some time.
Thank you for being so open with me.

Then he had shared his own social media links. Of course, Sofia had to go look at all of that. He had invited her to send a friend request or to connect, so she did and he responded, quickly accepting. His social media was pretty much what she’d expected. Mindfulness memes, nature pictures, some personal posts on Facebook about his grandkids.

But his Fetlife profile included some writing he’d done. Mostly about Shibari and how it felt to do his magic with rope. Through the description, Sofia could feel the subtle, steady rhythm of his dominance. She read it all, fascinated.

She studied his list of fetishes. It wasn’t extensive, but she was glad it included cock worship and there wasn’t anything that totally grossed her out. Ok, she thought, I know, don’t yuk my yum. But some things were just not on her list of kinks to explore.

And suddenly it was one o’clock, half the day gone, she thought. She had scheduled a late lunch with a couple of friends, Hannah and Sebastian, to talk about a webinar they were planning and wanted her to participate in. Fortunately, they were meeting at the co-working space, so she wasn’t actually late. But damn, she thought, I can’t let this man disrupt my schedule and my life like this.

After that, Sofia managed to keep her mind on her work, mostly, even though her body felt – sensitized, she thought. She was just more aware of her nipples. And her pussy too, she thought with a sigh. At the end of the day, she headed home smiling. Tomorrow night was dinner with Lucas. Tonight, she would respond to his second question, the one about how to be good neighbors.

She didn’t have a lot to say about that one. She knew it could be a problem, and she thought that they would just need to give each other space and, as much as possible, act as if they weren’t neighbors.

She wrote quickly, and, satisfied with her second attempt, she sent it. Quickly, she changed clothes and headed out for a walk.

By the time she got home, there was a message from Lucas. He shared his thoughts about them being neighbors, mostly that he thought he needed to be careful not to infringe on her time and space. She nodded in agreement. But what really caught her attention was the ending.

“I like to make sure submissive girls have firm, consistent discipline. Rules that are clear and not hard to follow. But if my submissive fails to obey, I believe in firm, consistent consequences. Whether it’s corner time, a spanking, or denying her orgasm, I think it’s helpful for her to know that I will follow-through. Once the consequence is finished, then she will know she’s forgiven and we can move forward.
I am too old to deal with a brat, but I don’t expect perfection. It’s nice to have a way to wipe the slate clean. When I’m wrong (which happens), then I apologize and make amends as best I can.

Oh my God, thought Sofia, reading it again. She could feel herself getting wet, her face was flushed and her heart pounded. I want him, I want him so bad it’s ridiculous. I should stop this nonsense right now.

But she knew she wouldn’t. Instead, she pulled out her Hitachi and plugged it in on her way to bed.

The next morning, she began working on her response early. It took a long time for her to find the right words.

“I appreciate a Dominant who understands the submissive’s need for discipline. Your approach sounds both fair and reasonable, and if I were in a D/s relationship, I think I would gladly submit to your rules and consequences.
I’ve never been a brat, and am certainly too old to start now! But I do like a firm hand and a Dominant who is willing to deal with infractions as they come up. And I have a deep, heart-felt respect for a Dominant who can recognize and admit his own errors.
One thing I really like is cock worship. I was glad to see that on your fetish list on Fetlife. I started to say that I would look forward to seeing if I can please you with my mouth, but that seems a bit presumptuous at this point. Still, it seems like it might be helpful for you to know that the thought was in my mind.”

Sofia giggled as she sent it. She had not yet met the Dom who didn’t like the idea of having a submissive “please him with her mouth.”

She stood and stretched. She didn’t have any pressing work to do today. She planned to take a yoga class, go to the park for a bit and read her new book. She thought she’d change her sheets (not for any particular reason, she assured herself,) do a little cleaning, and make sure she was prepared for her date that evening.

4 thoughts on “Connections Part II {6}

  1. Ever hotter. I admire the vivid imagination of the author, her teasing way with prose and situations. A true submissive, I suspect, from this outpouring of her heart, but also she is an astute consumer of perversion, wanting a Dominant worth shaving her cunt for.

    Liked by 1 person

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