FFF 2.0 – 2-22 & a Birthday

My Fitbit isn’t working. Or, to be more accurate, it’s working sporadically. It counts my steps, and then it doesn’t. I restart it and it works – until it doesn’t.

I had practically just started counting calories again when it started being wonky. (And it’s not like I have an old Fitbit. It’s MAYBE a year old.) So I need to figure out what to do about that.

In the meantime, I don’t think my count would have been that great this week anyhow, I had good days and bad days. Um, I mean I had days where I got a high count and days where it was low regardless of whether the Fitbit was counting anything or not. I had low calorie days, and high calorie days. Sigh… It is the story of my life, isn’t it? Highs and lows…

Anyhow. The weather is warming up here, so that’s exciting. And yesterday was my birthday! I am 63, y’all. By any standards, that’s old. I mean, well past middle aged, unless you think I’m going to live to be 126, which is beyond unlikely.

I saw this quote the other day:

“I am weary of heroism. I am tired of doing. I am tired of great projects and frenzied efforts.  I have left the busy land of the middle-aged for a realm of deep inner stillness, quiet and sacred being.” –John Robinson

And I thought, yeah, that’s where I’m headed. And it appealed to me. But it’s not where I’m going right now – right now, I have a new contract with a coaching platform and a private coaching practice to build. So that’s exciting and exhausting – and I’m old. And that’s ok.

I had a lovely birthday, although we’ve postponed the cake and ice cream to Sunday, as we often do. But it was still a lovely day. And today will be too.

PS – Do you see how MANY 2s there are in today’s date?! Can’t wait til next year. Or even better, 2022… Yes, it’s the little things that fill my life with joy. And yes, I’ll probably still be doing FFF in 2022. Just saying…

31 thoughts on “FFF 2.0 – 2-22 & a Birthday

  1. Hi Olivia … check your spam file if you have one … I think my comments for the last couple of posts have been lost in cyberspace or your spam file. trying again now to see if you get this – it’s a direct reply to your emailed post version :>)) nj xx

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    • Hey, NJ – Noooo, they’re not in spam! And the last comment I got from you was Valentine’s Day. That is just disheartening. I’m so glad I got this one, and hate that I missed any. I can’t imagine what happened to them – they’re not in spam, not in trash, not in Pending… 😦 😦


    • Thank you, Fondles! That sounds like a good idea – I hesitate to get a cheap one cause I dd that before I got my Fitbit and it was counting arm movements as steps. But I sure don’t want to have to get a new Fitbit every year. MP says I should reset it and that might fix it, so I might try that.

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