Eight years ago today, I was in Baltimore. I’m sure I’ve reminisced about this before on this blog, but it popped up in a FB memory for me. On FB, I just said I was going to Baltimore and leaving my computer at home, but that brought back a rush of memories.

I don’t remember what his “Sir” name was. Hmmmmm. Also not his real name was Burford, which is what he was going by when I met him on CollarMe.

I went to Baltimore to meet him for a weekend of playtime, after agreeing not to bring any clothes other than what I was wearing. He met me at the airport with two dozen roses. I can still see him, sitting in the baggage claim, holding the roses.

We stopped in a parking garage on the way to the hotel and climbed into the back seat so he could spank me. I am not kidding – this really happened. Was I insane? Possibly. But it still makes me smile.

The next morning he bought me clothes at Burlington Coat Factory – I never shop there without thinking of him. And we pretty much hung out naked all weekend. It was lovely.

He was in love with someone who was not ever going to be there for him the way he wanted. He did not fall in love with me, and I was looking for it all – love and kink and the chance of happily ever after.

But it was a weekend worth remembering.

FFF 2.0 – 2-22 & a Birthday

My Fitbit isn’t working. Or, to be more accurate, it’s working sporadically. It counts my steps, and then it doesn’t. I restart it and it works – until it doesn’t.

I had practically just started counting calories again when it started being wonky. (And it’s not like I have an old Fitbit. It’s MAYBE a year old.) So I need to figure out what to do about that.

In the meantime, I don’t think my count would have been that great this week anyhow, I had good days and bad days. Um, I mean I had days where I got a high count and days where it was low regardless of whether the Fitbit was counting anything or not. I had low calorie days, and high calorie days. Sigh… It is the story of my life, isn’t it? Highs and lows…

Anyhow. The weather is warming up here, so that’s exciting. And yesterday was my birthday! I am 63, y’all. By any standards, that’s old. I mean, well past middle aged, unless you think I’m going to live to be 126, which is beyond unlikely.

I saw this quote the other day:

“I am weary of heroism. I am tired of doing. I am tired of great projects and frenzied efforts.  I have left the busy land of the middle-aged for a realm of deep inner stillness, quiet and sacred being.” –John Robinson

And I thought, yeah, that’s where I’m headed. And it appealed to me. But it’s not where I’m going right now – right now, I have a new contract with a coaching platform and a private coaching practice to build. So that’s exciting and exhausting – and I’m old. And that’s ok.

I had a lovely birthday, although we’ve postponed the cake and ice cream to Sunday, as we often do. But it was still a lovely day. And today will be too.

PS – Do you see how MANY 2s there are in today’s date?! Can’t wait til next year. Or even better, 2022… Yes, it’s the little things that fill my life with joy. And yes, I’ll probably still be doing FFF in 2022. Just saying…

FFF 2.0 – 2-15

I am on and off the healthy eating wagon like – um, like I don’t know what. Like a merry-go-round? Like a – yeah, like this analogy just fell flat on its face. Never mind. But I’ve gone back to counting calories, recording them carefully in my Fitbit app.

I might have binged a little bit yesterday – Valentine’s Day and all, but even with that I wasn’t too over the top. Glucose levels are good. MP (My Partner) bought dinner for everyone, which was a nice treat.

AND I’ve been walking a lot more. My average step count was 5,132, but it was more consistently that level, rather than 2,000 or 3,000 most days and 10,000 one day.

I’m having trouble with my feet, and that actually makes walking a little bit more challenging than it would be otherwise. Between Morton’s Neuroma on one foot and plantar fascitis on the other foot, it’s not as much fun as it could be. But I hang in there. Do you know what one of the causes of plantar fascitis is? Obesity. No, I’m not kidding. It just seems unfair, doesn’t it? One more way that being overweight hinders losing weight. Ugh.

I’m thinking about trying bike riding, but I keep envisioning me sprawled on the concrete with a broken hip or something. Ok, broken wrist might be more likely. But that would really screw me in terms of work. And even be worse than being fat.

I have my final interview for this contract position I want – in about an hour and a half. Yikes. I think it will probably be ok, but it still makes me nervous. Of course. So keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?

I’m going to take a shower now. And put on makeup. See ya later…

Happy Valentine’s Day {BDSM style}

Happy Valentine’s Day – and here are some memes that I thought were appropriately Valentine’s Day hot!

I’m a natural submissive, living without the D again these days, but my basic nature doesn’t change. I’m just in the “i’m ok with it,” phase. Hang with me and I’m sure we’ll ride the roller-coaster again.

Hope all your kinky love fantasies come true today!

(I’ll have to come back later and write descriptions for the pictures – sorry!)

FFF 2.0 – 2-8 AND The House with the Sex Room!

Ok, let’s get the check-in out of the way. I’m doing better. I have a whole new strategy. Instead of making a list of the things I’m supposed to do and failing to do most of them, I just write down the things I do every day. It’s kind of fun, and I think it’s helping.

So – steps average is 5,690 which is pretty good. I’ve been doing exercise throughout the day – or like on Wednesday, I went to the beach and walked a lot. It was sunny and 65 or 70 degrees.

But my news of the day is the house that they’re calling 50 Shades of Maple Glenn. It’s on the market right now. A gorgeous house – with a lovely, well-equiped dungeon in the basement. Nope, not kidding.

Check it out.

And look at that gorgeous bathroom! Anyhow, you can read all about it here if you want to. Many thanks to Jade, who posted it on Facebook.

FFF 2.0 – from 2-1, on 2-2

And here I am, a day late again. I was excited earlier this week – I got my 6 month lab work back and everything looked good – um, except cholesterol, which was high and she wants me to start on statins. Which I still don’t want to. We’re negotiating. Vitamin D levels were low, so I’ve started taking that too, which might help my energy level.

Step count is 5,200, which isn’t too shabby. I’ve been trying to take a break and do a 10 or 20 minute walk throughout the day. Actually, I’ve only done it once or twice a day so far, but that’s better than not doing it at all. I just need to keep plugging away at it and not get irritated with myself and quit.

I ‘m moving forward on the job i applied for – well, it’s contract labor, not a job. But that’s good. I think it will be enough to help financially without taking so much of my time that I can’t work on building my practice. And I think it will be fun and interesting. So that’s exciting. I still have to do one more interview type thing – actually, it’s a mock coaching session, and I don’t expect to have any problem with that.

I have an unusual weekend ahead of me. Sir has gone back to Where-we-used-to-Live – he left last night and will be back Monday night. It’s about 11 hours on the road each way, so I think he’s kind of nuts. I’d like to go back for a visit, and might do it when the cheap airline starts running again in March. But he’s really going to see his grandkids and a friend – and to go a to a SuperBowl party. I probably don’t need to tell you that I have NO desire to go the party (and um, wasn’t actually invited. I don’t think women go to it at all, at least not that I can imagine.) Anyhow, I’m glad he’s going, it will be nice for him and I don’t envy him the drive.

My daughter has a full dance card this weekend too – kids are doing an overnight at a friends so she can go out to a semi-fun, semi-networking event tonight. She is involved in an activity that meets on Sunday and I’ll babysit. But right now I I have the house completely to myself -and will have for the rest of the day. You can not imagine how unusual that is. Sometimes, there’s 30 minutes that everyone else is gone but this is luxurious hours all to myself. I don’t even know what I”m going to do with myself. It’s very exciting.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to a networking event myself. Should be interesting… Now I just have to figure out what to wear.

As you may have noticed, the whole BDSM thing has faded back out of my relationship again. Sir is still doing better in other ways, which is cool, and we’re closer than we were before. I guess I’m ok with how things are now.

The sun just came out, it’s almost 2:30 in the afternoon and I’m lollygagging around in my jammies and robe. Time to get dressed and start the day.