FFF – 11-2

Welcome to my health and fitness blog, only more like my non-health and non-fitness blog.  I’m averaging 5,200 steps/day, which is an improvement on last week – but that’s a low bar.  My weight is back up a bit – I’m hitting between 155 and 157, which is heading in the wrong direction.

So drat and curses.  I’m eating too many carbs and my glucose levels are up too.  Not crazy-out-of-control, but up.

On the other hand, I’m going through a huge life transition and doing ok with it.  That’s something.  I just need to turn this trend around and get back on track.


If I think in terms of the change cycle, I’ve gone through pre-contemplation and contemplation, moved through preparation and action, and now I’m in what should be relapse prevention or maintenance, only I’ve gone for relapse instead.  Which is predictable.  We do that.  I just need to move back into recovery.

And I need to do that by identifying some micro-changes I can make, rather than a global “DO BETTER” approach.  Right?  So I could start by planning meals rather than waiting til I’m real hungry and then thinking about what might taste good.  I could eat dinner – and then quit eating.  If I did those two things, I would probably be fine.

In other news, i am organizing my house!  Not to the standards of Fly Lady, but to my own standards.  So that’s good!

And Sir and I are doing ok.  I’m a little concerned about his health, but he insists he’s fine, so I will take his word for it, and keep my fingers crossed and one eye on him.