FFF – 11-23

We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, including acknowledging the genocide of indigenous people which underlies the establishment of this country.  Then we had a Thanksgiving feast and appreciated each other and the bounty in our lives.  It was just the 5 of us – me and Sir, my daughter and the grands – but we had a lovely time.  And there was pie. 

 And other good news this week:  Step Count Average is back up to 4, 565.  Which may be kind of sad still, but at least it’s better than last week!  As David says, “Progress, Not Perfection.”

I’m still not feeling fabulous, I have some kind of cold/cough combo that I can’t seem to shake. I went to my doctor, who did not prescribe antibiotics because it is apparently not bacterial.  So I have killer cough syrup for nights, decongestants and nose spray, vitamin c and zinc.  It hasn’t kept me from doing things for the most part, and I’ve only taken a few spare hours of down time.  But it does keep me from feeling really good and I’m wracked with coughing fits that are miserable for me and probably for everyone one around me too.

In any case, as I count my blessings, know that this blogging community and each of you is on my list of “What I’m Grateful For…” 


The Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza Turns Eight!

It’s back!  Jz’s famous cookie exchange!  It’s easy and fun and everyone’s invited!  And it’s not just cookies.   Share your recipe for any yummy holiday deliciousness.

I can’t believe Jz’s been doing this for 8 years. Wowza. It’s become a lovely part of my own Christmas tradition.  As a non-cookie baker, (I use Pillsbury slice and bake) it can be a bit of a challenge to come up with something,  but it’s worth the effort.  On December 5, I’ll run around and look at everyone’s offering (especially the pictures) with just as much as enthusiasm as if I were actually going to try out the recipes. 

What do you have to do to be part of the seasonal joy?  It’s easy.  Here’s what Jz says:

“It’s simple to play along, really.  All you need to do is to post a recipe for a holiday goodie on the appropriate day.         

                       (Wednesday, Dec 5th)

Your recipe doesn’t even actually have to be for a cookie. Anything that you consider yummy and festive is something I want to know about!

Sign up by noon on Monday, December 3rd in order to get your name on the list of participants. (I need some lead time time to assemble and distribute the list to participants.)

To sign up:         Email me by noon on Dec 3rd

With this information:         Your screen name and the URL of your blog.          (OK, I also need your email address but I’ll have that if you email, right?)                  

If I don’t get those 3 things, you won’t make the participant list.                   (Sorry, but I’m done with chasing people.)
That’s it – just one email, three details, and a post!     It’s gonna be fun!

If you’ve done it before, then you already know how much fun it is.  If you haven’t, then welcome to the good times!

A Little Beach Time

As it gets cooler, the allure of dawn at the beach is greatly reduced.   45 degrees, even 55, is a bit nippy.  I begin to find reasons excuses not to go.  I don’t even know where my winter clothes are.  I can’t find my walk-on-the-beach shoes.   My chair’s not in the car anymore.

When really I just don’t like being cold. Which is perfectly legit.

But it still warms up during the day around here.  60s and low 70s.  On Saturday, it hit 63 and I decided to brave it.  The sun was out, it wasn’t too windy, what the heck.

And of course it was lovely.

Ocean waves...

The waves were lovely, as always.  The light was different, there were shadows where often there are none.

I didn’t have my chair, so I sat in the swing for a while and rocked a bit.

Then I decided to go adventuring – I was going to take the walkway and see where it came out on the street, just for the fun of it.  Until I saw the sign.  In case you can’t see it, it says:  WARNING.  Venomous Snake Nesting Area.   Yikes.  That slowed me up.

I did go part way over the walkway before I decided I was not really that interested in finding the street anyhow.  

I didn’t stay as long as I might have because it was still nippy, I need to remember to dress twice as warmly as I think I need to.  But Wednesday promises to be warm and sunny again and I’m taking the afternoon off anyhow, pre-Thanksgiving, so I’m going to try again then.  It is definitely worth it.

In other news, I’ve started using WordPress’s new editor.  We’ll see how that goes…

Late LOL

I can’t believe Love Our Lurkers was yesterday – is that even right?  Yikes!  I LOVE LOL, so I hate that I’m late.  I have a bunch of new subscribers, but am never sure that more than a couple of them actually read here again.  🙂

But if you’re out there

I’d love to hear from you.  And if you feel inspired, tell me what you like best about the world of kinky blogging…

FFF 11-16

157 – apparently, my chunky little self has locked into that weight.  I can’t complain because I’m eating anything I want and not even moving much.  Like I was chained to my desk.

3,392 average steps.  Yep.  That’s my sad little step count.  Not even half of my already low goal.  Sigh.

Don’t you love how I make it sound like that’s something that just happened?  Not something I did through my own choices, but like it’s not even in my control.  Sheesh.  Of course it is in my control.  I’ve totally chosen to sit at my desk all the time and chosen to eat pasta and ice cream.  I’m lucky that I’m hovering around 157 and not back in the 160s again.

In good news, I got my new professional website to a point that I could share it, so that’s pretty frigging amazing. Now all I need is clients.  And i’ve been working hard on another thing I do that does make money, so we’re not going to starve.  Probably not.  So that’s super good.  And that really is why I’ve kind of felt like I couldn’t leave my desk.

I still have lots I want to do on my website, of course, but I feel like I can breathe a little bit too.   So that’s way cool.  It’s been a week of pushing thoruhg – and I haven’t been feeling well either, so that’s been a thing, but now I feel like I’m standing on the threshold of new life.  So that’s all good

Now to get back in the groove of exercising.


FFF- 11-9

comic-book-whoosh-sound-effect-speed-bullet-75230823And just like that, it’s Friday again! 

It’s been a lovely week.  Um, not necessarily a big step week or a low carb/sugar week, but a lovely week in lots of other ways.   I took myself to the chiropractor.  I took my time doing some tasks and did them with thought and care.

I finished rearranging my “office,” and have a little bit of room to breathe. “Office” in quotes because it’s just a bit of space in one room, but still.  And  now I have a place for my rocking chair just outside of my office space where I can rock and read my kindle (which is the app on my laptop) in the evening.  One of the parts of my desk can be quickly converted into a space to hold my computer at a comfortable distance, and it’s just nice.

I made some decisions in my own best interest.  I had thought I was going to do one thing, and I changed my  mind about it.  I informed my family of my decision after the fact, rather than talking it over or getting their opinions first.  It was the right decision.  They supported it, but even if they hadn’t, it would still have been the right thing to do.

I got some stuff accomplished that I’d been procrastinating on forever.

I went for a long walk.

I whittled away my to do list, making actual progress.  I am not a plow straight through kind of person.  I do part of about 5 things, inching forward on the goals for each of them.  Maybe it would be better if I did pick one task and power through, but left to my own devices, I do a bit of this and a bit of that until I finish them all.  I even do dishes that way – I might put all the glasses in the dishwasher and then wipe off a counter before I start loading dishes.  Clean the coffee maker before I do silverware.

Anyhow.  I feel super lucky to be able to do things in my own way and my own time.  I’ve been doing some energy clearing – more music and dance, more smudging with sage.  I feel like my chakras might even be lining up.




Energy Clearing

I watched a really fun – webinar, I guess it was.  Or meeting.  Or something.  Whatever you call it, it was an on-line event, and lots of fun.  All about claiming your magic, or getting your magic back, or some such.

I am all about getting my magic back now, and feeling really hopeful about it.  Not just because of the webinar – in fact, I probably watched it because I was feeling some hope.  So there’s that.

(Have you noticed, i’m always on the verge of doing something better than i have been?  i suppose sometimes i make actual progress.  Maybe.  But at least I keep going.)

Anyhow, Briana Borten, who did the webinar or whatever, ended up with the idea that we need to clear our energy.  And i was enthused about that.  She’s offering a group thing called Love Rising that meets four times a month – and is really reasonably priced.  I’m not going to do her thing though, so I turned to my dear friend google.

In the instant magic of the interwebs, I immediately found this article:  Getting Rid of Negative Energy: 20 Powerful Practices for Cleansing and Clearing Your Energy Field.    And, much to my delight, I already do a bunch of the things on the list.

I don’t do them all the time, consistently, but I don’t think I do anything very consistently, you know?   But from smudging with sage to napping, from walking with intention to breath work, there are lots of techniques I already know.

And there are some new ones, or ones I haven’t tried.  Using crystals more intentionally.  Essential oils.   And here’s a fancy one involving the chakras:

One of my favorite general self-clearing meditations that involves water is to lie down, close my eyes, and visualize my energy body and my chakras. I begin at the bottom, with the red root chakra. I see it clearly in my mind and then set it spinning. I move up the chakras, moving from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to indigo to violet, keeping them all spinning at the same time. Then I imagine a swoosh of water coming through the top of my head (through my crown chakra) and moving through each chakra in turn, cleansing them as it goes. The water flows back to the earth to be redistributed as needed. I admire my shining, sparkly clean spinning chakras for a moment and then settle them back down. That’s it. Easy as can be and so incredibly refreshing. 

And, although that article didn’t mention it, there’s Qi Gong.  Which I’ve learned more about but haven’t started doing every day like I planned.  Um, because I don’t do anything every day or like I planned.   But I think I’m ok with that today.  That is really just the way I’ve always been.  100 ideas, and a few that actually get carried out.

It’s ok.  I can sit with who I am… with love and compassion.