FFF – 8-31 – and Some Random Memories

7,433.  That’s my average step count for the last 7 days.   That makes me feel pretty good.

My days are full and the weeks fly by.  We missed date night and play time last week – I was out of town and came back late-ish Friday.  We plan to make up for it tonight.

Jz at A Reluctant Bitch did a post recently that brought up a memory I wanted to share.  Once upon a time, many years ago, i went to an event called Winter Wickedness with my Sir at the time.  There was a – not a class or a workshop – an experience, I guess, called Scarlet Sanctuary.   it was one of the loveliest experiences i’ve had.  Here’s what i wrote about it back then.

i began to think about the Scarlet Sanctuary at bdsm camp.  i didn’t tell you all about that yet, and really, i could never do it justice anyhow.

Picture a darkened room, parts of it screened off.  There is music, soft, kind of new-age, flutes and drums maybe.  We’re greeted at the door by a soft-spoken man who asks about a few preferences – and do we want to experience this as a couple?   Yes, we do, and he takes us each by a hand and leads us behind the screens.  Two women join us, they undress Sir, the man undresses me.   It is very sensual and gentle. 

Sir and i lie side by side on the massage tables, our hands touching.  Our breathing is slow and rhythmic.   The man and the two women begin to touch us. 

Energy flows from them to us, through their fingertips into my skin.  Tingling warmth and heat, sensual, and yes, sexual, in a soulful way.   Like Mother Earth and mountains are sexy, like the sun warming naked flesh, like love is sexy.   That’s what the energy is, of course, it’s love.  It’s love and it’s God and God is love and energy and alive in each of us.  And when that connection happens, and the energy flows, i feel God inside me, alive and powerful.

As i walked tonight, i called on that memory, and remembering makes my palms tingle now, makes me feel warm and safe and at peace.  The energy nurtures me in my submission, and it nurtures me at work.  It makes me grateful.

I ended with this:

What about you?  Is there a spiritual aspect to your experience of BDSM?

I do miss that and am trying to be open to ways i can find that again.


12 thoughts on “FFF – 8-31 – and Some Random Memories

  1. Okay third time is the charm trying to post this. Spending time with a friend ( who is using my laptop as well) who has a wordpress account, so switching back and forth with accounts. Who knows where my comments are going? LOL…or who they are showing up as either! LMAO

    Yes! I hadn’t thought of it that way before really…but absolutely. In fact I reposted a blog entry from my old private blog from a day I could say this happened. To be fair many might read it as a subspace post, but it didn’t feel that way to me. I felt enlightened free, pure and full of awe. I realize sometimes those feelings can happen during subspace too, but this was more than just an endorphin induced rush.

    (congrats on all the walking too!)

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  2. way to go on the steps. and sorry you missed date night. i hope you get a good make-up session this evening. (or was that yesterday, by the time I get this comment up!)…

    your sensual experience sounds so wonderful. I wonder if i will ever experience something like that. I sure would like to!

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    • Thanks, fondles – we’re scheduling some time when we have the house to ourselves over this long weekend, so that’s pretty exciting! I’m glad my account of the Scarlet Sanctuary resonated with you – I hope you do get the chance to have an experience like that, for sure! ❤


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