FFF 8-24 (on Saturday)

I was traveling yesterday and barely realized it was Friday or I might have gotten my FFF done.  But that’s ok, because GUESS WHAT!!  I have a new number on the scale this morning.  155.8  That’s right.  One – Five – Five.  Ok, it’s point 8, but still.

That’s 20 pounds less than 175, which is where I originally started on this challenge.  (I think.  It could have been 178.  Not when I started in January with FFF, but when I originally realized I HAD to lose weight.)


Anyhow – step count?  Seven day average is 8,100.  Yes, that’s over my 7,000 goal.  I have a new strategy, of sorts.  I maximize my steps on the weekends, aiming for 10,000, which I can usually do those two days, and then try for 7,000 during the week.  I’ve been doing better about walking in the morning before I get locked into meetings and such, and I’ve been scheduling phone calls with friends during my walk.  Since it’s a walk, not exactly a power walk, it’s no problem to do that.  Plus it forces me to step away from whatever else I’m doing at that time.

Anyhow.  I’m not mentioning that one day when I forgot to schedule breaks and found myself at the end of the day with 1,295 steps.  Clearly, the plan is working overall, so that’s exciting.

Fondles, sorry I’m late…  ❤  Thanks so much for doing this.  I don’t think I’d have this success without the community of support you created.


14 thoughts on “FFF 8-24 (on Saturday)

  1. You are MOST welcome. It’s important that you have a plan and stick to it. And what works for you works for you. Me, I’m still stuck at the same place on my scale. But then, I haven’t exactly been exercising so I don’t have anyone to blame LOL. I’m so glad you have managed to get the pounds off and have figured out a walking plan. The last two weeks have been terrible for me steps-wise, so I shall do something to remedy that in this coming week!

    Having somewhere to report your progress and be accountable is amazing for staying “good” between check-ins. I know it works for me. 🙂

    Great news love. Awesome. I’m really happy for you!

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    • Thank you, Fondles!! I noticed your step count – and have no doubt that you’ll get back on track. You’ve just had a lot going on, between your kitchen and your parents and so on!

      But you’re right, it’s about the plan and sticking to it, and the accountability and sweet comments and understanding really helps. And hopefully still will as I head into my next phase – 20 down and 20 to go.

      ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. I remember something similar happening years ago with much success for those who participated. Though I believe it wasn’t just exercise at the time, people set goals to achieve and self reported each week. I believe it was a blogger named Cygnet or maybe it was Celeste Jones that started it…Goobers, or Goobs or something. LOL . Get Off Our Butts ( though my memory is foggy). Your post reminded me of some great memories, so thank you for that.

    More importantly though is your success. Congrats to you! Sounds like this has been a positive for many.

    Hey, maybe we should start a SSSOS. Submissive Sunday SOS for those of us who tend to struggle in this area. We can report how well we are doing, or not and support and challenge each other do ‘do better’. LOL..


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    • Hey, Evelyn – it sounds like that would have been fun! FFF started out with lots of other goals too – people worked on organizing their houses and other things we felt like needed to happen for us to feel good. It was super helpful, and thanks for the congratulations.

      SSSOS sounds like fun to me – if you do it, I’ll try to play. Although – honestly – I continue to be a bit overwhelmed with life… there’s that. But I’m often game!

      And hugs back to you!

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