FFF – 8-17-18

Just popping in so quickly - I've seen 157 and for 1 hot second, I saw 156.6 on the scale. Of course, I could have been hallucinating.  But I think it's on the way.  Like frigging Xmas. I have no time, y'all, and not much energy.   Physically and emotionally drained.  Nothing wrong, in fact, things … Continue reading FFF – 8-17-18

FFF – 8-10-18

Here we go... reporting in.  Step count average was 5,341 - which is worse than last week, but not an all-time low.  Weight range is about the same, although I've actually seen a 157.something a few times.  I've been doing better on not over eating at night. I've been working on emptying boxes in the … Continue reading FFF – 8-10-18


I've been thinking about re-finding myself ("What? Again?" you say.) Yes, again.  There was the whole re-finding my kinky self, which is doing pretty well these days.  Now i need to re-find my work self.  And maybe my everything else self too.  And recognize that it's just an ongoing process.  I don't get to do … Continue reading One-Mindful