What will you do today?


Sleep, exercise, fresh air, meditation, boundaries, social media detox, mani-pedi, facial, quiet time, flowers, journaling, therapy, asking for help, listening to a podcast, chiropractor, a cup of tea, a nap, walking, reading, getting a haircut, going to a doctor, painting, taking a bath, seeing a friend, using a babysitter, hiring help, buying a treat, going out to eat, massage, acupuncture

What would you add to the list?


18 thoughts on “Self-Care

  1. taking time out for myself usually involves a sit down to a movie with a bag of chips. I so seldom have time to get all the stuff I need done done that whenever i watch an episode of something I tend to keep my hands occupied with laundry or i’m walking in and out of the room infront of the screen sorting out stuff as i watch. There is guilt at not being more productive. So when i decide to F*** it and get some ME time, a simple thing like watching an episode of Lucifer and munching on cheetos can be very rewarding!

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  2. What would I add to the list, well let’s see. My favourite summer time things (and summer is my favourite as I run on solar power) would be to sit on my outside couch ( um not a hillbillie livingroom couch brought outside) and read, work in my garden or sit by the waves. In the winter (blech, bad, bad word!) I like to walk around stores and look at pretty and relatively useless things for the home. LOL.

    Currently I am looking at my very messy home (too much outside time) so today there will be no ME time past my coffee drinking and reading here….but tomorrow…………….ah tomorrow! lol


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  3. Coloring, watching a Disney movie, sex, SM, blogging, making lists of things I want to do with friends, day dreaming, riding the tram in the botanical gardens, giving myself permission to do whatever I need to do to cultivate calm, lighting candles and incense, buying flowers for the Altars.

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  4. Haha… I read your post and rather than add to it, I started using it like a list of chores. I napped. I took a bath. Now I’m commenting with a cup of tea in hand. What a lovely way to spend my day!

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