Don’t laugh…

Y’all remember when i was fantasizing about some kind of Dom mentor who would help me focus on meeting my goals?  Well, I was looking at OPBs yesterday (Other People’s Blogs) and saw a mention of a Spanking Life Coach.  I can’t find the link to that particular blog again, or i would give them credit, but i did find the Spanking Life Coach.

She goes by Harriet Marwood, which is apparently the name of a fictional governess in a Victorian novel.  But Ms. Marwood, spanking life coach, appears to be for real.   Her description of what she does could have been written with me in mind.

The profile of the average Spanking Lover is that of a highly successful, productive, assertive, results oriented individual. So successful, in fact, that he or she often is too busy to focus on his or her own PERSONAL GOALS.

 Does this sound like you? Are you woefully behind with things like:

·        starting that diet,

·        getting back in shape,

·        sorting out the mess in your apartment

·        organizing your office so that you begin delegating more or so that you don’t waste so much of your own time with nonsense

·        writing that book you know you have in you

·        or… allocating time to begin whatever that particular project is for you


Some practical lifestyle improvements are best turned over to an objective third party who can dispassionately look at your circumstances, assess your time, abilities, and needs and prioritize for you – creating a program in which the practical incremental steps are mapped out in small do-able chunks that painlessly add up to results.. IF, you follow the plan.


And SOMETIMES, you need to know that if you rationalize, justify delays or procrastinate, thereby NOT following the prescribed plan, there will be CONSEQUENCES. Consequences that are left to the prevue of that objective third party, and therefore will be administered faithfully and appropriately.

By now, you’ve surely realized what these consequences are: a strict, stern, sound spanking.

Of course, it looks like i’m not in need of those services at this point (yay!)  If i can get soundly spanked at home, there’s no need to look elsewhere.  And i don’t live in NY, so i couldn’t actually see her anyhow.  Plus, i wanted a male life coach cause i’m just that hetero.  But it sort of delights me to see that Ms. Marwood exists and is offering this valuable service – and to see that apparently, other people think it’s a good idea too.

Btw, this is not the type of life coach i’m going to be.  Just for the record.  But you already knew that, right?




Almost ready for bed here, worn out from grandparenting today, being on vacation and therefore available to do all kinds of helpful things.  It’s a good kind of tired though, and nice to know that the boxes needing to be unpacked is getting smaller and smaller.

Sir has run out to get batteries for our thermostat, so the air conditioner will work and we won’t have a heat stroke over night.   Needless to  say, i appreciate that a lot.

But sitting here waiting for him to get back, I had a sudden memory of how it feels to have someone stroke my hair, gently pushing it back from my face.  I had such an urge to feel that again, it was almost overwhelming.  And for just a moment, i felt my “little girl” deep inside me.  (There ya go, Jade.  Not “good girl” energy, but “little girl” energy.  That’s close, right?)

Date night is Friday night, maybe i’ll mention it.




I just started an online class on Mindfulness.  It’s an 8 week program, modeled after the program that Jon Kabat-Zinn does in Massachusetts.   I’ve imagined ways to get to the program there, but it has stayed a distant fantasy.  This program (which is free!) is going to be my substitute.  I am pretty excited.

In the meantime, my daughter and the grands are here, and settling in.  This is going to be an adventure in multi-generational households, and i’m excited about that too.  It’s been a bit unsettling for the rhythm of kink that Sir and i had just begun, but date night is Friday this week, and we will just have to make it flow as best we can.

I think it’s a little bit difficult for me to hold the idea of pleasing him with my submissive self separate from him being pleased in the household.  The reality is that children tend to be a bit noisy and messy and not always do what they’re told the first time.  He knows that, and would be the first to agree with that – and still doesn’t always enjoy experiencing it.  i need to make sure that i’m not trying to manage that discomfort for him or to manage the kids and my daughter so that he’s not uncomfortable.  Hence the need for some mindfulness.

Paying attention with intention in a non-judgmental way.

Which is another way of saying they can be noisy and messy and he can have feelings about that.  I don’t have to judge it – it’s not really good or bad.  And I don’t necessarily have to do anything about any of it.  It’s not my job to change how they are.

Ha – I say that, and I immediately want to start qualifying when it’s TOO much noise or mess, or when his feelings are TOO strongly expressed or i think they’re unreasonable.  Nope.  I am free to intervene if and when i want too, but that’s not my starting place.  It is ok for them to be who they are.  The kids have a mother; Sir is in control of himself.  (And he’s not usually loud or angry.  Thank goodness.)







FFF – 6-1-18 (A Quickie)

Not that kind of quickie!  In fact, do people even talk about quickies anymore?  Anyhow…

New month, new barrier busted!  I broke the 163-164 plateau and dipped down into the 162s.  Ok, it was 162.6 once and 162.8 another time, but at least it’s a new number!!

My steps count is sad, but i was sick over the weekend and lazy a lot too.  About 30,000 steps for the week.  😦   But whatever.  I did better yesterday and today.  Next week will be better.  Um, probably.

And the house still has a long way to go, but you know, most of the clutter at this point is still in the garage in boxes, so that’s not all bad.  {looks around room…} Well.  Maybe not most of the clutter.  But some.

My daughter and the grands get here tomorrow – that’s right tomorrow!!  Late tomorrow night, but still.   About 30 hours from now.  Aside from being super excited, which of course i am, but aside from that i’m also glad that my daughter can take on her part of the house after that.  Of course I can help if she wants me too.  But I won’t have to worry about where to put this bookshelf or whether to keep those plastic baskets for the kids – that kind of thing.  So that’s also super exciting!!

I’m off to the grocery now – having sushi for dinner – no i’m not cooking it, my grocery has a lovely sushi bar where i can buy it ready-made.  They make it right there and it’s really good.  A few other miscellaneous things to pick up, and we’ll be set.

AND lingering somewhere in the back of my brain is the memory of what it’s like to sit at his feet.  Of course i like to take his shoes off and rub his feet – and i like to just sit with my head on his knee.   It’s just nice to remember that feeling.